Coming Out Of The Cellar

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: The Imaginarium
A short story inspired by the Imaginarium Picture Prompt 20, told in the voice of a child.

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



Coming Out Of The Cellar.

Grandpa says we’re leaving today. We’ve been down here a long time. I can count to twelve and I ran out of numbers.

I like living with my Grandpa. I don’t really want us to move. It’s just been him and one else. He was sad to start with but we been playing games. Lots and lots of games. Mom and Dad never had time to play all those games with me. Almost all day we play one thing or another.

Grandpa doesn’t make me wash my face or clean my teeth. He doesn’t keep telling me to change my clothes ‘cause I don’t have many here. And we sleep down here too, next to each other, on a big heap of blankets.

The best thing is we get to eat what’s down here. Grandpa doesn’t say eat your vegetables. Eat your fruit. We eat baked beans straight from a can. And chocolate and cookies and crispy snacks. All the things that me and my Grandpa like and Mommy said she would not buy.

But Grandpa says we have to go outside now. That we have to go on a long walk. I asked him if we would be going to join Mommy and Dad but he didn’t answer. He just told me to get my teddy and to find my shoes. It took me a while to find them ‘cause I have not been wearing any for the longest time.

Grandpa opens the cellar door. There is a smell! Horrid! I don’t know what it is but it kind of makes me feel real sick. He tells me that we are going to play a game where I have to shut my eyes and keep them shut until he tells me to open them. And he says breathe through my mouth so I don’t get so much of that smell.

Even though he is carrying a bag of our favorite food he still manages to pick me up and carry me up through the house. I have to take a peek, just a tiny one. There is a lady on the floor. It must be a lady because she is wearing the self-same shoes my Mommy’s got. I thought Grandpa would wake her up but he walked straight past. I couldn’t ask him because my eyes are supposed to be shut.

And now we are outside. The sky looks a funny color. And it is so quiet. I can’t hear our neighbours and I can’t hear Mr Todd’s tractor. Something makes me cough.

Grandpa says I can open my eyes now, and he takes my hand but I don’t like it. There are some people who seem to be asleep in their cars. And up along the road there are people sleeping on the side-walk. I know Grandpa said I was a big boy now but I can’t help crying.

Grandpa stops and bends down to me. “Tell you what, Ben. How about we go and catch a train?”

I nod and he leads the way across the field where Mr Todd is sleeping on his tractor. And we keep going and going until we get to the railroad tracks. Grandpa lifts me over the fence and then climbs over himself and he takes me by the hand. We walk down onto those rail tracks and start to walk along.

Where are we going, Grandpa?”

To catch a train, of course.”

And even though I can’t help crying, I smile too. I know my Grandpa will always take care of me.

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