Creative Writing #3 E-books And Writing Sites.

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In my opinion there is a lot to be said for E-books and writing sites like Booksie.

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



What Is So Great About E-books!


From when I first learnt to read I have been what’s known as an ‘avid reader’. I have devoured books on anything and everything, from each and every genre. Over the years I have amassed thousands of books, mostly fiction paperbacks, but there are hardbacks and non-fiction titles scattered in there too.


My Kindle library numbers well over 4000 titles. Just think of the space that would take up if all the books were printed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the printed ones but they are subject to weathering, discolouring, and other damage. My books are not there as ornaments but to be read, looked through; and I have piles of them in spite of donations made to schools and charities.


There is the cost element. E-books in general are significantly cheaper than their printed versions where available. There are real bargains to be had in the daily and monthly deals and as money is tight I am constantly on the lookout for them. Books are my luxury!


But neither cost nor space are what makes E-books really great to me. It is the choice! There is no editor picking out a selection for me to choose from. There is no one saying; ‘Oh, that’s garbage’; ‘it will never sell’; ‘too wordy’ or ‘too concise’. How can that editor possibly know what I, or you, really want to read! And judging by a lot of things they do publish they have not got a clue.


I’ll admit to owning a fair few ‘best-sellers’ but they are far, far out-numbered by those written by undiscovered authors, and even more by the self-published writers who go out there and share their work, prepared to take the criticism. So most of us will never make money from writing, not a living wage and certainly not the riches awarded to the chosen few. Does that matter? Not to me. I write because I like to write and sites like Booksie allow me to share things with others that choose to read it. The established publishing houses would not give it a chance.


Sites like Booksie, set up for both writers and readers, are fantastic. People like me who do not self-publish can still get their writing seen, read, commented on. From a single poem or essay to a trilogy of full-length novels, the option to post and share is there.


Of course you also get to know other members over time who can offer both support and encouragement. And the chances are that you will make some friends. You will discover new members that you think are especially talented and might want to support them. I guess that is what keeps the site growing.


I love to read all sorts of things and hear what other people have to say. Any readers opinion is as important, if not more so, than that of an editor in a publishing house. That is why E-books and writing sites get a double thumbs-up from me.






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