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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A humorous horror story. Thanks for the inspiration, Mike. Without you it would not have been written.

Submitted: March 13, 2017

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Submitted: March 13, 2017





Every year, since they were eighteen, the guys arranged a weekend at ‘the cabin’. They’d all arrive in the one vehicle, whichever one was biggest at the time. Space was of utmost importance so they could bring plenty of supplies – snacks, beer, beer and more beer! It was gonna be a drinks fest, there was no doubt about that!


The cabin belonged to Nick’s Grandpa, but he’d reached an age where the discomfort outweighed the seclusion. Every couple of years he’d talk about selling the place, and every couple of years Nick would find a way of talking him out of it. That one place, with the yearly ritual, was probably what had kept the friendship between the four guys still going strong.


Connor was driving his twin cab truck. It bounced up and over the rocks and ruts in the track, shaking the beer up nicely. One thing they never had to worry about here was the mess, and with no near neighbours they could be as rowdy as they liked and no body would complain. For a couple of years a couple of girls had come along, one or other of the guys girlfriends; but that had not worked well and the cabin had become a strictly male-only zone.


Evan and Shane climbed out of the rear of the cab, walked round the back and started unloading, while Nick went and removed the padlock. He pushed the door open.


What the hell is that smell,” Connor coughed, made out he was gagging.


Nick reached his arm around the door frame and switched on the light. The generator at least had not run dry so they’d leave the diesel in the back of the truck. It would save them making a garage stop on the return journey.


And there were not that many gas stations open out there in the early spring. Not much call for them as there were hardly any people prepared to venture into the forest ‘til summer, late spring at least. Nope; Connor, Nick, Evan and Shane were guaranteed to have some time alone.


Nick went in first and came out carrying a dead bird. “The cause of a lot of the smell, I guess!” He walked over towards the trees and tossed it out the way. “We’ll leave the door open for a while, okay! Or do you all just want us to turn around for the sake of a smell.”


Connor slapped Nick on the shoulder and they went over to the truck to help Evan and Shane with the unloading.


* * * * * * * * * *


The cabin was no palace outside, and was certainly no palace inside either. The floor was mostly bare boards but there was a large tatty rug in front of the old lumpy sofa. There were two odd easy-chairs, both of which had seen better days; a bare wooden table and two rickety wooden chairs. There was a large sink against one wall, which had to serve for any needs, and the toilet was outside, in a little hut of its own.


There was very little light inside the cabin, even in bright daylight. Two windows on one side, none one the other as it just faced into a stone rise. The trees kept out what natural light there would have been.


Connor, Nick, Evan and Shane could not care about the lack of light. Five cans of beer each and they were feeling pretty mellow. The TV worked off the generator along with the light bulb and there was not much need for any more than that.


Evan was taking the floor. He caught the can Connor threw to him and pulled the tab, taking a big swig of the shaken up beer. He’d just started on another hilarious tale of his life as a painter and decorator, when the entire cabin shook from a clap of thunder. Lightning lit up the sky and the interior of the cabin.


This wasn’t forecast, was it?” Shane asked.


Nah, but wharever......We’re in here.......tha’s outside,” Connor seemed to have sneaked a few extra.


A second flash lit up the sky, and the thunder rolled in simultaneously. The cabin shook so badly it felt as though the building was about to fall apart, log by log. Then the light went out.


A power cut?”


Can’t be. It runs on the generator, remember. Must ‘a’ run out of fuel......”


Nick stood up unsteadily, and started groping his way around the room. There was a torch somewhere..........Did they even bring it in from the truck.


Who brought in the.......” Nick was silenced by the massive crash that sounded from the roof.


What the.....”


A tree, maybe.......”


No tree! Listen!”


Footsteps of some kind, that’s what it sounded like, going from one end of the cabin and back again. There was a noise, a baying noise. And again! It sounded large, it sounded angry, it sounded like nothing they had ever heard before.


Wha’ is it?” Evan was starting to freak out, and the others picked up on his fear.


The footsteps got quicker, landed harder. Nick, Connor, Evan and Shane all looked up at the ceiling, following the movement as it got faster and faster. They could barely see each other in the darkness and that made the experience even more terrifying.


And then the creaking noise began, the sound of wood groaning under more pressure than it can take. The footsteps became faster and faster, the bellowing louder, more inhuman. The four guys each dived towards where they pictured the table to be just as there was a resounding cracking noise and half the ceiling dropped.


The bellowing was inside with them now, but not footsteps. This creature did not have feet but hooves, and horns.


What the hell?” yelled Nick.


It’s Satan himself, come to punish us for our sins” gibbered Connor.


The beer!!” screamed Evan.


What is that smell?” said Shane.


Pieces of splintered wood littered the floor, making the darkness even more precarious. The snorting, the bellowing, echoed around inside. Something, or someone banged against the table, it lifted, tipped, crashed to the floor, spilling beer into the chaos.


Get away from me!” yelled Shane.


What is it?” Evan was starting to get frantic now the table was no longer there to cower under.


Open the damn door,” Connor shouted, and Nick finally found the door, fumbled with the latch and fell out of it together with whatever had ruined their night and wrecked the cabin at the same time.


It’s gone! You can calm down now, guys.” Nick had caught a glimpse of it as the moon broke through the clouds. It looked as scare as they had been.


Did you see it? Was it a demon?” Connor still sounded in total shock.


Yeah, I saw it. But it was no demon, Con. Just one hell of a demented deer!”


The incident had completely sobered them all up. They made a joint effort in getting the generator going, and when the light flickered back on they could see the extent of the devastation. Almost half of the roof and the top portion of one wall, lay scattered around the floor of the cabin. The sofa and one of the armchairs were little more than padded firewood, and the table had just two legs.


Miraculously, they each managed to find themselves a beer can that was neither punctured nor crushed. After a couple of swigs they found that their hands began to shake less, that their heart-rates slowed to not much than normal rate.


The truck?” Evan asked.


Well, we can’t stay here,” Connor answered, leading the way.


What the hell am I gonna tell my Grandpa?” Nick said.


Shane shrugged. “Just say it was demolished by a deranged deer!”



© Copyright 2020 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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