Evan And Ewan

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Evan and Ewan are identical to look at but have very different talents. Inspired by the Imaginarium one word prompt -- twins.

Submitted: August 30, 2017

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Submitted: August 30, 2017



Evan And Ewan

Evan and Ewan, Ewan and Evan; the Foster boys were almost impossible to tell apart. Unlike lots of identical twins who seem to develop at least some small differences, they had stayed just what they were – identical.

But only in looks! In interests, in skills, they were totally different. Ewan loved words. His whole world revolved around them and he excelled in subjects that required reading and writing. Evan, on the other hand, was all in to form, shape, color. He was never happier than when he was drawing, painting, creating some sort of visual representation of ......something.

Throughout their school lives they had managed to cause their teachers so much confusion. When they were younger their mother would dress them in different colored tops to make it easier to identify them. It hadn’t taken them long to realize how easy it would be to change things. And then in High School they almost always dressed the same, and it was this fact that led to the Art Competition fiasco.

Evan, come on! You’re running late.” Mr Jeffers ushered the boy towards the hall where the competition was about to get underway. Five artists from other schools were also taking part in the challenge and Evan was representing the hosting school.

Six easels were set up along the front of the stage, further in there was their challenge; a sixth form boy and girl apparently engrossed in conversation, coffees in their hands. Thirty minutes to get some kind of portrait onto the paper. Pencils, paint, and charcoal were available at each easel for the student to pick from.

Mr. Jeffers showed Evan to his easel then took his seat along the front row. Ms Kennedy stepped forward. She would be running the competition and along with a panel of judges would select the winner.

Welcome to all our contestants. You all know what you have to do. You have thirty minutes to draw your portrait of our posing couple in whichever medium you choose. We have Ben representing Boyce Boys; Mary painting for Haldean, Jordan for Harris Hall, Kevin for Grange; Paula for Westfield, and finally our very own Evan Foster.”

At that moment Ewan dashed into the hall looking momentarily perplexed to see his brother on the stage. The look didn’t last long though. He found a seat and sat down for what he guessed might be an interesting half hour.

Okay, artists. Whenever you’re ready. The clock starts now!”

All the artists picked up pencils, charcoal sticks or paintbrushes. All of them apart from one. Evan seemed to be taking his time, considering which would be the best option to go for. One minute went by, then another and another until almost ten minutes into the competition Evan had still yet to make a mark on his paper.

Come on, you can do it,” Ewan muttered in his seat.

As if he’d heard, Evan picked up a brush, dabbed it in some paint and started. He went from color to color, side to side. Once started he did not pause until one minute before the time ran out he laid his brush down.

Ewan was a bit too far back in the hall to get any real look at his brother’s painting. All he could make out was color, and lots of it, too!

The judges climbed up on to the stage as the two students that had been posing left it. There were four of them, as well as Ms Kennedy. They were not going to be rushed but took their time going from one easel to the other, to talk in whispers, to point, to compare. Did they flinch when they reached Evan’s painting. Ewan couldn’t be sure but it certainly seemed to have some sort of impact.

And still they went from one picture to another, backwards and forwards, until finally moving off to huddle to one side, discussing who should win. And then some kind of decision was reached and Ms. Kennedy headed back out onto the stage.

Fellow teachers and students, we have finally come to a decision. The winner of tonight’s competition is.........Evan Foster!”

Evan stood up from the seat at the back of the hall and joined Ewan at the front of the stage. Ms Kennedy looked confused. “I’m Evan, this is my brother Ewan! I was running late, that must have caused the confusion. Can I have a look?”

Evan studied the picture that his brother had produced. It was very......abstract! But knowing what it was supposed to depict, he could see it – well, kind of.

Nice work, Ew. We’ll make an artist of you yet,” he said with a smile.

Well,” said Ms Kennedy, finally managing to make sense of things. “I stand corrected! Tonight’s winner is Ewan Foster.”

There was a mixture of laughter, boos and cheers from the audience as Ewan took the trophy.

Tell me, Evan, does your brother’s work have much in common with the work you would have produced?” Ms Kennedy was interested. Could it be that they shared some kind of mental connection. After all, isn’t that what some said about identical twins.

Nah! Not a thing apart from the paper it’s painted on. Abstract is just not my thing.” Turning to Ewan, he bowed, smiled and wandered away thinking maybe he might just try his hand at some poetry.

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