Faerie Ring

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Submitted: January 09, 2017

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Submitted: January 09, 2017



Faerie Ring


When I went out rambling across the fields so green,

I came upon a faerie ring, the biggest I had seen.


A circle of buttercups and daisies, no other flowers around;

I knew it had to be a magic place that randomly I’d found.


The sun, it was now beating down, I thought I’d sit and rest,

but making that decision meant I’d agreed to take their test.


They must have been there waiting with a sprinkling of their dust

for as soon as I sat in that ring, sleep became a must.


My eyes they grew so heavy and my mind it drifted free

enough to let me view what I was never meant to see.


These tiny little faeries, they flew down to the ground

and then they went and picked up all the flowers that they found.


They wove them all together, made a circlet for my head,

when they put it in its place I had no sense of dread.


These faeries were the pleasant kind, from the Seelie Court,

where summer sun it always shines, and not the evil sort.


But then the sun was covered by a cloud of almost black

and the Unseelie devils, they just swooped in to attack.


I could not raise a finger and I could not stir an inch,

I could not save that circlet that they were going to pinch.


These were ugly and so bitter, deformed into ones of spite

who were too strong for the Seelie ones to stay around and fight.


They laughed as that circlet, they tore and ripped right up,

a mash of daisy petals and some of buttercup


fell in tatters to the ground and then did disappear;

still completely immobile, it brought to me some fear.


They went off to the hedges where there grew some briar rose

with thorns intact and pointed and they proceeded to pick those.


They wove a vicious circlet, an Unseelie one sharp and cruel,

and they rammed it hard upon my head; as though I was a fool


I could not reach up and take it off, or swat them all away,

the pain from thorns and tangles was enough to make me sway.


And then it was like waking from some kind of mental trance

where nothing was in front of me but butterflies that danced.


There never were the faeries, it was nothing but a dream

but as I reach towards my head I stifle back a scream --


my hand is now blood-covered where those thorns had dug right in

and I know that the Unseelie Court has reached out a hand so thin


that has bound me to them endlessly with that spill of blood

and their evilness will conquer me as it starts to flood.


I’ve been tricked into the service of that cold-hearted Winter Queen

and now my veins will flow with ice and sunshine will not be seen.

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