Howling At The Moon

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All the dogs in County Cork are howling at the moon.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Howling At The Moon


Nobody was ever quite sure who started it, not for sure; but it was generally accepted that it all began with Barney.


Barney is a long coated German Shepherd dog who spends most of his time chained to his kennel. It is a long chain and a quite roomy kennel with a blanket for him to lay on in the back. He’s always a pleasant enough dog to people that he knows, always ready for praise or a fuss. If you are an intruder though, watch out. He will quickly transform into a snarling, growling mouth of snapping teeth. All the locals knew that Barney was a great dog, but one to be respected and not messed with.


For some unknown reason, on this particular night with the sky clear and the moon full, Barney got the idea to start howling. He stood there in the moonlight, clearly visible in the middle of the yard. He stared at the moon, threw back his head and gave voice to the most eerie sounding howl you’d ever heard.


Just a couple of seconds later he was joined in his song by Max, a greyhound who lived just a few buildings further down the road. Lexie the Labrador was the next to join in. She could be seen standing in her kitchen, staring straight at that moon through the window.


Joey and Dax, the Jack Russell twins pushed and shoved their way behind a bedroom curtain. They sat, side by side, on the window ledge, heads thrown back and howling just as loud as the others in spite of their smaller size.


As each second ticked past more and more dogs joined in with the moonlit chorus. There were indoor dogs and outdoor dogs, dogs in kennels, dogs in sheds. They were all at it – the lot of them. Within a couple of minutes it seemed that every dog in County Cork was howling at the moon.


There were pillows thrown, shoes thrown, buckets of water emptied from windows. There was shouting and swearing and a slamming of doors. People were moaning and groaning as their sleep was disturbed. Only the dogless who were also fortunate enough to have triple glazing remained undisturbed by the cacophonous sound.


And then suddenly they stopped. One by one the dogs looked away from that moon, shook themselves, then went quietly back to sleep. Barney uttered a final plaintive howl then laid himself down. He rested his head between his paws, allowed his eyes to close, and very soon had drifted off to a calm and peaceful sleep.

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