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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of reviews for books available on Amazon, either as e-books or paperbacks. There might be a few by well known writers but mostly they'll be by unknowns. And hopefully there will be a
lot from fellow Booksie members.

Table of Contents


Introduction This will be a book made up of reviews of books and e-books that are available on Amazon. I use but mostly ... Read Chapter

Two Books Of Flash Fiction

Witnessed Through An Open Window by Corine Pelletier.

C'est La Vie by Mark Reece Heally.
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Poetry x Two

This chapter features a book by Mr Watson, and an e-book by Viv Wade.
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3. Non-stop Action

A review on 'State of Vengeance' by Jake J. Harrison.
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A Riotous Royal Read

'The Contest' written by Booksie member, Sue Harris.
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5. A Must Have For Any Horror Short Story Fan

'One Hundred Crows' and Jason Crager.
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An Emotional Roller-Coaster Of A Read

'White Roses' written by Johanny L Vicente, Booksie's very own jaylisbeth.
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7. Finding Humor In Political Chaos

'Alice In Brexitland' by Leavis Carroll. Read it and weep.....with laughter!
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An Atmospheric Read

'Hope's Well' written by India Emerald.
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A Surprisingly Successful Story.

'William' written by Lucas Barstow.
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A Book Of Strange And Speculative Prompts

'Inklings', an unusual prompt book, excellent value.
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A Diverse Collection Of Short Stories And Poetry.

The Ronin Express Volume 1. Includes lots of Booksie authors.
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Gritty And Explicit

The Hanging Tree written by John Regan
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Paranormal Activity Of The Scary Kind

A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home written by Jason Arnopp.
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A Christmas Carol Like No Other

'Trump's Christmas Carol' by Watt T. Dickens
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Poems of Madness and Fear

'Eyes Of The Night' written by Roger Harrison
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A Read To Savour Slowly

'You Only Love Twice' written by B. Douglas Slack.
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A Dark And Magical Wonderland Introduction

A novella to give a taste of what is contained in one of my favorite trilogies. 'The Moth In The Mirror' by A. G. Howard.
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A Book With Useful Writing Exercises

For those who like prompt writing or are suffering from the dreaded writer's block. There are lots out there, but this I thought was one of the most useful ones.
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Two Gems

Two books by India Emerald: 'The Dying of the Mother Seed', and 'Sparks in the Sky'.
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You Think Libraries Are Boring? Well, Think Again!

'Curse of the Black Books' written by Mark Bandey.
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A Mixture Of Mystery And Mirth.

The Romanov Relic written by John Regan.
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Hope It Never Happens

Jacqueline Druga is one of my favorite authors, discovered on Amazon Kindle. This is a two book story; the second of which was released just this morning 12/25/17.
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A Pretty Varied Mix Of Tales.

Jawbreakers: A Collection Of Flash Fictions.
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Take That Leap!

'Jump In The Whirlwind' by Rebecca Henderson.
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No Fairy-Tale Creature Of The Sea!

'The Mermaid's Revenge' written by Amy Cross.
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Looking For Light

Chasing Forever by Michael Angelo Yacone.
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A Collection Of Disturbing Tales

Unbridled Humanity written by Jason Crager
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Jason Crager's Lighter Side

Along A Lighter Path written by Jason Crager.
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A Speculative Trip In To The Future Of Crime And Punishment

The Lightfield Files: Jack Trinity And The Secret Of The Broken Mind written by Donald Harry Roberts.
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Making Punctuation Fun

'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' written by Lynne Truss.
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Three From Markie Bee

Jane Scare written by Mark Bandey, Dead Wood written by Mark Bandey, The Face written by Mark Bandey.
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A Desirable Area

Neighborly written Ellie Monago
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A Fantasy Debut By A Young Indie Author

The Knight Of Chimera written by S.K. Inkslinger
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Not What I Expected

Child Of Mine written by V. J. Chambers
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Simply Scrumptious!

Bad Candy written by India Emerald.
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