If it weren't for Colleen ( part 1 )

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The call no one likes... deadly.

Submitted: September 20, 2009

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Submitted: September 20, 2009



"Colleen's pregnant!!!!" shouted Mark, carrying the pregnancy test from his wife, Colleen. Dorothy peeked out the door, tenderly she stepped from the door "Well! Congrats Mark! When'd you find out?". "I found out when I came home from work, my darn boss wouldn't let her talk to me while I was at work!" said Mark, smiling to his eyes. He went on with his day, he bragged and laughed. Colleen was practically a well treated housewife. She always got everything she wanted, and more. - There was just ONE thing she was mad about, The fact she was actually on birth control. - She supposed since Mark wanted a baby so bad he was tampering with her birth control. Soon after she had finished dishes Mark came in. "Oh, Mark... there's something I want to ask." she said. "Yes?" he said looking at her across from his fantasy of a little baby running around the house. "Do you want a boy or girl?" she asked, stroking her fingers through her long curly orange red hair. "It don't matter to me... but for some reason... the word baby BOY rings my ears" he said gazing, looking a bit nervous. "What's wrong, Mark?". "I fear I won't be a good father, ... My father wasn't the best man ever, I just hate to know so..." he saddened deeply, while sitting on the couch. Colleen looked at him "You'll be fine! I acknowledge this and support this deeply." she said. Soon it was night and Colleen and Mark had went to sleep. The first thing to wake them up was a phone call, "Hello?" answered Mark. "Hiya! It's me Nikkie. I heard Colleen was pregnant... SO AM I !" she said. "That's good to know, but I got to go, my babe's waking up!" then Mark hung up. - You could ultimately tell he didn't adore Nikkie. A few days later Colleen began getting the weird eating habits, and swelling. Nikkie called, Of course Mark answered, and Nikkie whispered in a soft slow sad voice, "If it weren't for Colleen..." then she hung up.

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