Imaginarium Picture Prompt 34

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The 34th Picture Prompt from the Imaginarium House.

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



The Imaginarium Picture Prompt 34.


Okay, today we have a picture of a teddy sitting in a bicycle basket. Is the toy being taken on a trip; or perhaps it is all part of a birthday gift? Or is the bike found abandoned? Has the rider gone missing, vanished in to thin air? Or perhaps they’re on they way to a teddy bear’s picnic, or a toy party?


This is a prompt that would lend itself to a nice happy story, but also one of suspense, even horror. You could also use it as the basis of an essay or possibly even an article.


As always this is just a challenge, a picture to inspire some ideas. This is not a competition and there are no winners or losers. Everyone on Booksie is invited to take part from established members to those who have just joined.

Just try to stay within the 1000 word limit.


Let me know of your post and I will guarantee a read and comment. Better still, pop along to the Imaginarium House and if you like what you see, join us there. There is no need for an invite and all are welcome.



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