Nanna Technogy

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A play on words about nano-technology.

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Nanna Technology

Nannas are wonderful people,

They clean and they bake and they sew.

They fuss and dote over grandkids,

And are happy to impart the wisdom they know.

But the thing that I last expected from Nannas,

Was their grasp of matters I.T.,

But from what I hear in the media,

Our Nannas are just the bee's knees.

Forget your juvenile pimply-faced nerds,

And your white coated professors with manners,

The "IN" thing in "I.T." these days,

Is your much maligned darling old Nanna.

Doctors are planning on injecting robots,

Under our precious skin.

And the secret to doing this in a very safe manner,

Apparently lies in the hands of our very own Nannas!

For the development of new computers,

We don't need an Einstein tutor,

'Cos if it's the newest in high tech that you're yearning,

It's to you're own dear Nanna that you'll now be turning!

America's Silicon Valley must be full,

Of silicon and botox beauticians,

To tend to the growing herd of Nannas,

Who are leading the technological revolution.

How many Angels, it has been asked,

Can sit on the head of a pin?

To my Nanna this question I asked quite coyly,

She replied "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a shit -

I'd rather crochet a doily!"

Molecule-based computers,

Are set to lead the race,

In the development of new procedures

To prolong the human race.

And the techniques now required

No longer need screwdrivers and spanners.

Because now we place our reliance in

The deft hands of our hi-tech Nannas.

When will this all end you ask?

Will it all slow down perhaps??

I suspect the only answer is

When our Nannas need to take a nap!

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