reasons behind the bullets

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“ was widely assumed, based on basically nothing, that Muslims had been responsible for this attack and that a radical Muslim group likely perpetrated it, it was widely declared to be a "terrorist" attack. That was the word that was continuously used. And yet, when it became apparent that Muslims were not involved and that, in reality, it was a right-wing nationalist with extremely anti-Muslim, strident anti-Muslim bigotry as part of his worldview, the word "terrorism" almost completely disappeared from establishment media discourse. Instead, he began to be referred to as a "madman" or an "extremist." And it really underscores, for me, the fact that this word "terrorism," that plays such a central role in our political discourse and our law, really has no objective meaning. It’s come to mean nothing more than Muslims who engage in violence, especially when they’re Muslims whom the West dislikes.”

-Glenn Greenwald, July 26th, 2011 interview on Democracy Now!


Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



certainly one could sit down &

attempt to come up with 76 reasons for

breivik’s killing spree this past friday,

one for each person he murdered---



after reading his 1000+ paged manifesto

of right-wing hatred, bigotry and outright

psychobabble &

listening closely to how the mainstream media

first depicted the unknown killer as a


equating terrorism specifically with muslims


(as if the two subjects were synonymous),


then moving to the more popular

“loner,” or “mass killer” moniker


(which make all those pissing their pants in

the western countries of the world

feel more comfortable,

making them able to go to sleep at night

even if this fundamentalist conservative



was still the one responsible for the massacre---

you know it’s all in the way you spin the lie that



couldn’t we spare ourselves such in-depth studies of

his writings & his actions &

the actions of the mainstream media trying to

frame the situation itself,

summing it all up in a simple

one syllable word?




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