That Spring Day

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Just a short story on how my two favorite characters I made met.

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



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There are times in everyone's lives when they have to change to live. For me that came around my mid teens. I'm Alex … Alex Zuletski. Just a fourteen-year old whose forced to move because his dad got transferred. I used to live in the small town of Meadow Brook Heights. I always thought it was a strange name but to me it was home. The croaking of frogs mating in the summer, the crackling of the leaves in the fall, the massive amounts of snow fall in the winter and my favorite, the sweet aromas that flew around in the spring winds. The sky was always dark at night so every star could look down on you. I would go out to the town park and sports field with my friends during the summer and we'd just gaze at the massiveness of our universe.
It was also there on that field that I met the one and girl I'd ever love. Her name was Alyssa May Marqé. She was this beautiful girl who just gleamed with youth. Her hair was long and its blackness shined under the sun. Her face was lightly decorated with little freckles. She had the cutest laugh I had ever heard, something to rival my six-year old sister. It was oddly contagious and would erupt everyone in a joyous laughter every time.
The day we met was last spring, late in the season around mid to late May. I only remember this day due to the scorching ninety degree weather we were experiencing a lot of. Downtown there was this small little collection of shops my friends and I went to every day after school. A pizza parlor, an ice cream shop (that had just opened), a ninety-nine cents store and a groceries mart. Anyways, my friends and I were about to split up when one of them, my best friend of the group, asked us all to join him to go to the town sports field. I was exhausted at the time but my friends somehow convinced me to go. We walked down there in the blazing heat for around ten minutes. When we got there there was a little league baseball game going on. A bunch of five and six years olds with bats was a great idea. We walked down the walkway and cut across the football field. My friend pulled out a small package of mentos carefully wrapped up and a diet Coke bottle. It was at that moment that we went wild. We could all read each others minds.
My friend opened the can and dropped in quarter of the container. He dropped it and we fell back to the designated “bomb shelter.” We waited for seconds with no explosion. Then another friend brought up the fact that we should've shook it up. With that in mind, he raced over to the bomb, shook it up and ran back. We eagerly awaited for the biggest explosion of our lives, but still nothing.
And then it erupted.
The bottle fizzed and screeched loudly as the pressure inside began to build at an exponential rate. I heard one of my friends whisper damn to himself exaggerating the mn. The bottle jumped and shook like rattlesnake giving its warning. My first thought was that the bottle was going to burst into a million unfindable pieces, but I was wrong. Instead the bottle fell over onto its side and the cap flung off at the speed of a bullet. The intense force that had built up inside shot the bottle flying like an out of control rocket. It was my best friend who foreshadowed the outcome of their error when he noticed the rocket was headed right for a passerby. I called out to duck, but called too late and the bottle collided with the person's head.
My friends and I rushed to the persons side, who we later found out to be a girl our age. She sustained a bruise on her forehead and her clothes had a strong stench of Diet Coke. Luckily, she had no major injuries. I was the first to apologize. I began with, “Sorry about that,” then change to, “Sorry our fault,” then rephrased to, “Oh my god we're so sorry.” The girl simply replied with a bright smile and soon shifted into a laugh which we all joined in with. It was weird. How could this girl who just took a plastic bottle to the face and was drenched in a carbonated beverage be laughing about this? We helped her onto her feet where she introduced herself as just Alyssa. I had never heard such beautiful words in my life. Something about her just eased all my troubles. I forgot all about the accident and we all began to talk with her.
Apparently she had just moved in the week prior and was checking out the town. My friend who had shaken up the bottle checked his watch and left us in a hurry yelling back, “sorry dinner's soon. I got to go!” One-by-one each of the six of us left us until it remained Alyssa and I. We walked in silence down my street as we approached my house. My common sense told me by now that she lived nearby since she hadn't left my side yet. The two of us came to my drive way where I finally asked where she lived. She gave me the same smile as before and pointed three houses down across the street. All I could say was “wow.” It was surprising how she just moved in and I hadn't noticed.
It was then that changed my whole image of her. When I said goodbye and turned around she turned me back around, stuck a big old kiss on my cheek and thanked me for walking her home. In shock I had no idea how to reply so I stood there like an idiot until she left. I stood there in a deep thought for close to an hour until my mom called me inside.
It was that day that changed my image of my life here in Meadow Brook Heights. Suddenly I had another thing to look forward to every season. The girl I met that Spring day. And I loved every single second of living here.
But things never stay the same forever. I soon found myself months later in the back of our family's van waving goodbye to the girl I met that fateful day. Even though I knew I was moving to somewhere hundreds of miles away I could still smile. I knew that no matter where I went, that that girl, Alyssa, would always be smiling and laughing. I knew I would see her again. Some day.

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