The Find

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A random discovery leads to a haunting sadness that must be resolved.

Submitted: May 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 21, 2016



The Find.

Sitting down with a coffee in front of me I take it out from my pocket – my find. It looks like a pendant of some sort. A milky white stone veined with thin streaks of pink and blue. I wipe it gently with a piece of cloth and the dirt clears quite easily. The stone is really quite shiny.

The metal of the clasp is a different matter though. No matter how hard I rub at it it remains dirty looking. Parts of it almost look rusty. A shame though as it looks like an intricate design made of a silvery metal.

I put it down on the table in front of me and go back to drinking my coffee. It's too nice to just throw away but perhaps that is just what someone else did. I mean it was just laying there on the ground near the fountain. I was the only one there so I couldn't ask anyone if they'd dropped it. It doesn't look valuable enough to take to the police so I'll just hang on to it for now.

In the evening I return to studying it. I can see the tiny link that a chain should be running through. It is small so it would have to be a very delicate chain, not one of those big chunky ones that Anya's so fond of.
I scrub at the metal gently with a toothbrush and I am rewarded with some kind of result. Little flecks of dirt are crumbling away revealing swirling silver hearts. The pendant really is quite beautiful.

I was planning on taking it in to school on Monday to sell to the highest bidder. But now I'm not so sure. I could do with a bit of extra money all right, what with the holiday's coming up, but it's sort of grown on me. It's Friday today so I have got a couple of days to decide.

What has woken me up? I was in the middle of such a nice dream but something has had to go and spoil it for me. I lay still, just listening for a while. My eyes start to close and then I hear it again.

It sounds like someone sobbing. There is not supposed to be anyone here with me this weekend. My parents have taken my sister to see our grandparents. At seventeen I'm considered old enough to stay on my own. So if I am here alone who is it that is crying?

I walk around the house, listening at doors, turning on lights but it all seems quiet now. Perhaps it was the neighbours, or if not them someone passing along the street. I don't really want to go back to bed now, not in my room anyway. The settee is pretty comfortable so I'll just lay down here and listen to some music for a while.

I'm stiff in the morning. I must have fallen asleep with my head at some weird angle that my neck didn't like. I've got nothing special planned for today. I thought I'd take advantage of the peace and get down to some serious revising. Only two weeks until the exams and they'll pass soon enough.

Some of my text books are in my room. I don't know why I am reluctant to go in there, but I am. Daftness, I say to myself and force myself to walk through the door.

As I bend down to search through a pile of books I hear it again. Somebody, a girl by the sound of it, crying. She sounds so, so sad. I look through my window and there are children outside. One of them must have fallen down, hurt themselves, although it doesn't really sound like the outraged cry of childhood. It seems to convey too much pain.

Well, whatever it is, it is being seen to. There is no one in tears outside now. I close my bedroom door and make my way back to the comfortable nest I've made for myself downstairs.

It's strange how the hours seem to fly past when I am studying. It is starting to get dark and I haven't read half the stuff I'd planned on reading. I'd phone out for a pizza, treat myself to a whole large one and carry on working through the night.

I am woken in the night again. That same sobbing noise, and it seems to be coming from my own room. I stand outside the door feeling a mixture of both trepidation and anger. Who would be in my room? And crying? Maybe it's a prank that someone has decided to play on me. There's probably a tape thing hidden somewhere, by my sister no doubt. She's just trying to spook me. And with that thought in my head I push through the door.

The sadness is palpable, overwhelming. It seems to fill the room from floor to ceiling. But where is it coming from? A room can't be sad, can it?
On the table next to my bed is the pendant. I must have put it there last night. And it is from this that all the emotions seem to be flowing.

I walk towards it and gently pick it up. I turn it this way and that, trying to make some sense of what is happening. I half expect it to emit a magical glow but it doesn't. I know what I am going to have to do.

It is just starting to get light when I close the front door of the house behind me. It's strange to be out so early. This being a Sunday there are even fewer early risers than usual and it is so very quiet. There is not another person or a moving vehicle to be seen.

I walk along the road, not having to pause to cross as there is no traffic around. A couple of dogs bark and I startle a cat from its hiding place in the bushes but other than that there is silence.

It is not far to the park, to the fountain. Within ten minutes of leaving the house I can see it. And I can see a girl. She looks to be about the same age as me. She is sitting in front of the fountain holding her head in her hands. And it is from her that the sobs are coming.

I pause. It seems rude to approach someone so obviously in distress but I should see if she is all right, if she needs help. And the pendant seems to be getting warm with an actual physical heat that I know should not be possible.

I slowly continue to walk towards the girl. When I am within touching distance of her she looks up. Her face is streaked with tears, strained with sorrow. And her eyes, they look so very, very sad.

Neither of us say a word. We don't need to. I understand exactly what I have to do. I reach out my hand towards her and show her the pendant. This, I know, is what she is crying for. She puts out her hand towards mine and I let the stone with its silver setting fall into it.

She doesn't smile but I can see some of the desperate grief that was gripping her just moments ago ease. She takes a chain from her other hand and gently threads it through the link on the pendant. She fastens it around her neck and then, with a single nod of thanks, she turns and walks away.
I stand and watch her retreating figure for as long as I can but I must have lost track of her. One moment she was there, walking off into the distance. The next moment she was gone.

As I made my way back home I could hear the birds start to sing out in their dawn chorus. They sounded happy and I felt happy too.

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