The Promotion

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A man is offered a promotion if... he can get his boss a cup of coffee.

Submitted: October 29, 2013

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Submitted: October 29, 2013




The promotion


< < TSCH > >

I get up at six o'clock every morning to get to work with the same routine every day. I take off my clothes and I get in the shower. I brush my teeth in the shower before my lunch otherwise, I will forget. I put my shirt and my tie follows my pants. Black stockings are put on my feet. I look in the mirror every morning with a fast look at my hair and j and told me "Pierre Gambit, good luck." with this volt of confidence, I descend the stairs almost ' falling and I walk in the direction of my kitchen. I have a big enough House but I live alone. I think that this is thanks to my job. I've invested a lot of time with my career as a financial analyst. I go back to reality and I open my closet that contains my favorite cereal, Cheerios. My medium sized hand is follows scope around the corner of a box and I bring it to my table. Clogged clogged after I finish my cereal but it taste less and less good with each clogged. I wash the dishes and I sit on the stairs with my shiny black shoes. I put, attached my laces and hand for a six hour work thirty. I am not auto because I do not see the need. All that I < uses in grocery stores is easy to wear and my job is Just twenty minutes from my house.

Automatic doors open when I'm in the sight of the sensors. The building is so big and the company is making so much money. I'm lucky to work there. I go up to 21e floor or I am working and I pass Jeanne Tigron, my supervisor. I spent 10 minutes before I am supposed to arrive at the work to be recognized for a promotion. I want that she recognize me for the position of Director of economic activities. After saying hello to my Secretary, I enter my office. This did not a big room at all. There is no windows and there is space for only a Chair and a desk. I sit in my chair and I open my comp. The screen changes from black to blue and follows an image of mountains. I open my PDF and I begin my work. In a day I could process thousands of numbers but I don't take shortcuts to finish the job as soon as several people. I'm working more as I can every day, I come to work early and left for home later. I do these things because I know that my work repayera me with a promotion or at least a chance for a promotion.

After one hour of work, I go to the washroom and when I come back, my supervisor, Jeanne Tigron calls me to his office. I think to myself "is it possible? Is what she calls me for the promotion that I worked so hard for? " My emotions have fallen ers heaven and a wave of nervousness strikes me. I enter through the door glass and with a look, I compare this space with mine. There is a leather sofa and a few meters of space between the door and its so great office and en, metal. I sit on one of the two chairs e face of Jeanne.

-Can I help you with something Jeanne?

I ask and reply as I get

-I know that you work so for the position that opened recently.

With these words I understood that all my efforts were not in vain and my morality is changed positively. She continued what she said.

-I am willing to offer you this position...

I look forward for what she will say and I know she'll say another things because she used words like "am ready" and "give you" instead of "I give you".


That's what I was saying.

-If you can take a test for me.

With a bit of curiosity I say:

-Just to name the task and I will.

-This is not a test difficult. It's more like a minor event. I want you looking for me a coffee.

Confused, I answer yet.

-Do you have a preference on what type of coffee.

-No, just a black coffee is sufficient ra.

After that, she Mumbles to herself.

-May be I should give a more difficult task.

To calm doubts I speak right away.

-I'll look right away.

I get up and I'm leaving without turning me by continuing a small conversation while walking back.

I walk quickly to get to the promotion as soon as possible. I put my jacket, I close my comp and I walk to the entrance of the building after having descended the elevator. When the automatic doors open for me again, I start to think. "Where can I find coffee?". I never drank coffee on a regular basis because no matter the amount of sugar or honey, the taste does not improve. Yet the issue resonates in my head. "Where can I look for coffee?" I realize I don't know any establishment of coffee.

While waiting outside the sliding doors, I did not yet solution. I hear the elevator Bell < < Ding > > and I return. Before me was my co-worker, Zac Zest. Zac is working on the same floor as me and have work together from time to time. I decided to say hello to find a coffee vendor.

-Hi Zac.


He responded and he continues with a question.

-Why would you like to the entry?

Even if I didn't tell him of the promotion, I know where to look for coffee.


I say with a way to question and then I ask my question.

- Or can I get a coffee?

When Zac begins to speak, I am relieved.

-Ha, it's just a short walk on this street.

It points me in this direction. One curious when he walks in the direction opposite from where he sent me, I ask:

-Where are you going?

With a rapid and nonchalant response, he said:

-Search for a coffee.

It gives me a scowl of child smiling. My head flew in every direction to try to justify what just arrived. There are a few immediate answers that are then planted in my thoughts. Perhaps he walks to his car, must pick up something, must meet someone or even all three. With the justifications I knew a little.

I start my walk and at first, I thought of nothing, but after time has passed, my train of thought is turned off its track. I began to think of how life will be with the position of Director of economic activities. I would have a larger space to work, a better income and a window to see out where missed the air. I can see the work of others and correct it as I want. I would have the chance to arrive late and leave early. When I finally see a Tim Hortons, I also see that the market has taken just at the of of thirty minutes and I realize my colleague Zac me not lied, but he faked me. The only reason it will do this is because he wants to promote for itself.

After having connected the points in my head, I realize I have to go my more quickly to beat my new enemy. I run to the Tim Hortons just to see a row of immense size. < < do I wait? > > An idea explodes like a gas fire in my head when I put my hands in my pockets and I find my cell phone. I take the phone and I'm assembling an important appeal. I take a serious tone and I say:

-What? The baby comes right away!

I wait a few seconds for falsifying an answer and I say then:

J ' I need my coffee and I will come immediately.

By a miracle, the line of disperse, I hear dozens of "good luck" and "Congratulations". Black coffee is on the counter, prepared for me. When I receive the message that the coffee is free, I feel a little guilty but I take, and I run out. When I'm outside I have to call a taxi to take me to work. Until I have the chance, a taxi stops before me, the door opens and the driver says:

-Congratulations, I heard that you become the father.

I get in the car without asking questions and I headed to the hospital. I'm lucky because the hospital is the other side of the street from my work. The familiar doors wait for me to open automatically. Unable to hold back my excitement, I fly by the stairs instead of the elevator. I open the metal door that says 21e floor and I run (walking) to Jeanne Tigron Office, the best employer that has existed.

When I turn the corner, my peripheral vision take grip of a devastating sight. Jeanne Tigron drunk a cup of coffee. Outraged, I walk into his office and I put the coffee next to each other. I then began to walk out of the office and I turn my back. Jeanne Tigron starts dies:

-I'm sorry Peter, but Zac...

I close ka door violently and glass explodes. I am taking steps towards the office of Zac. I give him a look threatening with a murderous implied intent.

-Congratulations, you got the promotion well deserved.

When the words come out of my mouth, I know they are lies. Person, other than me has earned this promotion especially Zac Zest, the scammer and the sloth. I knew that anyway he was going to be my supervisor also so I have to treat it with respect.

A year later, I am able to say that I am happy from the bottom of my heart with a so deep truth. After not receiving the promotion, I understood that I was already doing a lot of money, but I was alone. I took more time for myself and for my social. I didn't work as much and I found a wife. After the last year, I learned an important lesson. It is several ways to be content and money is better spend on other.










Après ne pas recevoir la promotion, j’ai compris que je faisais déjà beaucoup d’argent, mais j’étais seul.

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