Through The Seasons

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A journey through the year -- spring to New Year's Day.

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



Through The Seasons.

I wish you were here
With me in the spring,
Everything's waking
A newness begins.
The new leaves are sprouting
The daffodils bloom,
My heart is expanding
There's plenty of room.

Summer is burning
The spring away
The leaf laden branches
In breezes they sway.
It's time to be outdoors
To soak up the sun,
There's plenty of sunlight
For us to have fun.

It starts to get darker
The leaves start to fall,
The summer is over
It's hard to recall.
Autumn is here
Or fall, as you'd say,
The leaves are just dropping
And blowing away.

Winter is here and
It's getting much colder,
It's starting to freeze
And my hearts getting bolder.
In front of the fire
We could both sit
And so could the cats,
They'd certainly fit.

Then New Year's Day,
And I wish you were here
To chase off my worries
And calm down my fear.
An entirely new calendar
For me to fill
But of you there's
No sign still.


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