Vegan Meat

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Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



Vegan Meat


  Buy our new vegan meat, it's completely free of animal

contents, it's made from the elderly! The elderly have lived

far too long, and use too much energy and valuable resources

trying to stay warm and alive! Eat the elderly and save the planet!

  Eat our vegan meat, it's a little tough, but what can you

expect from old flesh? Just put some vegan meat in your micro

wave and cook for a couple of minutes, and bob's your uncle!

Or he was till you ate him. Yes, have you have a perfect nutricious

meal, and you're doing your bit for the enviroment...

  And you're helping preserve all the animal diversity on the planet,

you know diversity is so important, not just in sex and gender,

but in everything, except of course for the elderly, they're a 

waste of space!

  So eat our vegan meat now, wash a fried pensioner down 

with a glass of dandelion wine, munch on some geriatric savouries

when you get the nibbles after you smoke a joint or two. 

Whatever the occasion eat some vegan meat. let's get rid of

those old bastards! Remember they voted for Trump!

  Eat our vegan meat today!

  Pass the sauce will you, this hamburger's a little bland...


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