Who's That Girl? Part 2.

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A continuation of 'Who's That Girl?' for those who asked who SHE was!

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



Who’s That Girl?

Part 2.


I could not get that photograph out of my mind. Day after day I would find myself wondering just who that woman was. I was beginning to become obsessed, I knew that, but still I’d find myself thinking about it.


One day, when my father was out, I sneaked into his study. I remembered the book that I had found the photo in and had returned it to. It did not take me long to locate it again. This time I did not return it to the book but took the photograph with me when I hastily left the room.


I hid it in one of my drawers and later that night took it out to study it. She was shorter than him, around about the same age. There were similarities between the two people but maybe that was because I wanted to find them. I’d grown up with the romantic notion that my mother and father had both found each other at a very early age, and had known that they belonged together. If that was wrong, and realistically it probably was, there had never been a mention from either of them about any previous boy or girlfriends.


I wished I felt I could approach my father, that I could show the picture to him and casually say, ‘That’s you, isn’t it, Dad. Who’s the girl?’ I just couldn’t make myself go through with it.


Mom was way more approachable, much easier to talk to about personal things. I told myself that I would show the picture to her the following day. It was so long in the past that it was not likely to cause too much pain, no matter who she turned out to be.


Show me,” she said, when I told her about the photograph. “I really don’t know who she is. I’ve never seen this before.” Mom looked thoughtful. “You are right though, they do look kind of similar to each other.”


Oh, well. It was worth a try,” I said.


We won’t give up. We’ll ask you father. Bring the picture down at dinner time and we’ll see if he’ll tell us.” Mom was smiling, didn’t seem nervous, just curious.


Dad looked quite shocked at the sight of the photograph. “Where did you find this? I haven’t seen it for years and years.”


I told him how I came across it when I was helping him with his search. I told him about the book I found it in.


That’s me, alright, and that is my sister, Maude. She would have been your aunt but she died before you were born. She was mad, crazy. The family turned their backs on her and she died while I was away at university.”


I’m sorry, Dad,” I said. And I was! I had never meant to upset anyone but now, at least, I knew who she was.



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