Worst dream ever

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I had a nightmare and decided to write it down and add a bit to it.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



Walking in a forest one night after fighting with your family. Angry, you wander off too far. You don’t mind. Just try to make your way back before it gets too dark. You don’t like the forest when it’s dark. All the trees look the same. The flowers, the bushes, the grass. Everything is the same. There’s no navigating out. Sitting down in a grassy patch of land to think, you lean against a tree. Remembering you brought a compass, you reach for your back pocket. You bring it up to your face. It’s broken from sitting down too hard. You think “Crap. Now what am I going to do?”  You look up at the sky; or at least the canopy of trees. Little streams of light hit your face. Closing your eyes, you soak up the warmth of the sun. It feels artificial.

Thinking of the last conversation with your family, you  want to apologize for being rude. You get up and look around. You can’t remember what way you came from. You start walking into the clearing and you hear a noise. You haven’t heard that noise before in this forest. It sounds like a bear or a wolf. You listen closely. No, it is not a bear or a wolf. It is something else. Walking towards the sound, you’re still thinking about what it could be. You see a light ahead. You look at your watch and think “How can there be light out here? It’s past 7. It gets dark around 6” You hesitate a minute then decide to get closer.

Hiding behind trees you make your way to the light. From behind the tree, all you see is a fire pit in the clearing. No one is near it. You slowly creep towards it. When you get to it, you sit next to it. The fire feels warm on your face as you stare into it. You see an image of your family in the flames. Rubbing your eyes you look again and see just fire. You look over it and see a house. Confused, you walk to the front door. The noise is now louder than before.

You walk into the house, into the living room, the stench of blood fills your nose. The walls splattered with blood. People sprawled out all over the floor, piled up in corners, stuffed in closets, on beds, in the fireplace, everywhere. Tables upturned, chairs broken apart. Couch cushion stuffing spread out like snow; the half eaten bodies covered by it. You see your family sitting on the stairs, bloody and gashed, the look in their eyes make you feel bad for leaving them. In the middle of it all, a small girl. She looks up at you, her eyes glazed with hate. A growl escapes her; you gasp, surprised such a sound could come from a little girl. You look around the corner of the hall.  More bodies and more blood. You look back. The girl has crawled closer. She’s creeping now. She isn’t a girl anymore. She’s a demon. She lunges towards you. You won’t make it out alive.


The girl wakes up in a cold sweat.  Getting out of bed, she makes her way to her bathroom. Splashing her face with cold water and looking at herself. Drying her face she goes back to bed, turning on the light, grabbing her journal. She writes:


“Had the same dream again tonight. Just goes to prove that someone’s past cannot control who they are. Most people would be bitter, scared and un trusting. But even though I have nightmares of it, mine does not control me. Before they died, my parents taught me well. I guess that has a lot to do with who a person becomes.”


The girl closes her journal and sets it on the nightstand. She stands up to get ready for the day.

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