Irrecoverable hours

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It's a poem about a broken heart

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



I am regretful for the irrecoverable hours that were lost in oblivion

through the alcoholic rim of a glass  clutched in my hand, and as the lipstick around
the bottle was swabbed away with sparkling tears, irrevocable hours turned into days,
and the nights were filled with a state of gloomy heaven bound

I regret so many things, but nothing more than those scars under my skin,
bleeding all emotions until my heart can’t feel, I regret yesterday and the words I said
when I decided everything was okay even when I was distracted by the broken glass
the fear took over me, knowing just one drop would blind me and once again I’ll be dead

I am regretful, for the irrecoverable hours but I’m still aching for another swim
in the depths of your vodka stream, and the blade in my hand is hidden
but for you, I'll keep on smiling through tomorrow even if it hurts me inside
for the irrecoverable hours are easily lost in oblivion.

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