He is Forever Gone

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A thrilling murder mystery and filled with love and hate.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013




NO! STOP! That’s all I hear as I take my anger out.  His pleading is muffled by the gurgling of him drowning in his own blood.  Again and again the movie plays and replays in my mind when I witnessed him kill the one and only one I cared about.  He swept me off my feet, now he’s gone forever.  Back to reality I hear nothing except for my hatchet slicing through pure flesh and bone.  He is dead.  The deed is done.  Now I’m on the run.


Forever Gone



It all started the day after my loves funeral.  I’ll go back about one week and tell you about my life.  I am Snow AJ Tod and I’m from Jersey.  My boyfriend Vlad and I were tubing on a lake that was as clear as glass.  That’s when it happened.  We were taking a break to eat lunch.  Then something hit the bottom of our boat and knocked Vlad over the edge.  Then what I saw was scarring.  I seen his life jacket come up without him strapped in.  Next a shoe and a “Cure for Cancer” bracelet he always wore came up too.  I thought that he was just trying to freak me out, but then I saw his perfect face and his shaggy hair.  I started the boat and went to the shore to get help.  When I tied the boat off I saw something on the rope.  Not knowing exactly what it was I went in the water to investigate.  Then when I got there I realized it was a foot!  Not just a foot, but Vlad’s foot!  Looking closer I realized his whole body was tied off on the rope that was attached to the tube.  That’s when I decided to go on the hunt for who killed him.  It took me two weeks to fine who done it.  I killed the killer, now I’m in prison for first degree murder.  I will never be the same after what happened.


It’s very dark and damp here in this prison.  It’s like a dungeon and I am the cruel dragon.  I hope Vlad is happy that I found the killer and “took care of him.”  I just miss him so much; he was my light, my day, my love.  I know dwelling on the past is not healthy, but I can’t help it.


I’m getting out today and I am ready to get away from all these sappy low lives with baggage.  Will I ever murder again?  I guess that is a question only I can answer.  It’s my fault.  I don’t know why I had to dare him to steal the necklace that I wanted.  His ghost still lingers I’ve tried to tell him that he needs to leave, but he just won’t listen.  All he tells me is that he needs me and that I need to live with him forever, but it can’t happen.  I’ve tried to kill myself many times, but I think it was him controlling me.  Why can’t he understand that I have a good life even though the kids at school give me dirty looks and say that I am the killer of Vlad and the pawn shop owner.  I loved Vlad; can’t people understand that I did it all for him?  Sometimes at home he will turn on my CD player and I will dance around the room pretending I can feel him, touch him.  Oh, what I would give for him to be able to hold me one last time, and to be able to breathe in his smell, breath his air.  Maybe even let him tell me he loves me one last time.


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