Come Again, My Friend?

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Trying to get off the endless wheel of life ...

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Come Again?

© Michael Hurd, 2005


In gathering perspective on matters of spiritual interest, personalized versions of examined concepts will inevitably arise within us.  We gather information in specific ways, and initially consolidate newly acquired information within the context of our personal experiences and cultural understandings. 

The more complex teachings within a religious or spiritual belief system, will often require extensive study in order to truly grasp any subtleties of meaning, especially when the subject is approached from an ‘etic’ perspective, that of the ‘outsider.’ 

Without sufficient study, the teachings exist within us as incomplete, mere versions of the teaching, rather than the teaching itself.  Looking more specifically toward an understanding of Reincarnation, we can easily observe the presence of several and rather unique varieties of interpretation.  The following excerpt is based on an actual conversation between two people; let’s call them Pat and Chris. 

Let me ask you, which of these two possesses a clearer understanding of Reincarnation?


 “I think this life will be the last one for me.  I feel like I’ve had enough.”

“You mean you want this to be your last lifetime?  Why?

“I don’t know, it’s just that life is so difficult, and living in this dimension comes with so many limitations.  I feel like I need to get away from this constant cycling on ‘the wheel of rebirth’.”

“Is it as simple as that?  Can we really just choose to end our part in the process, and “call it a day,” so to speak?  What about everybody else?  Don’t we owe them something within the whole scheme of karmic obligation?”

“Who cares?  It’s all just an illusion, right?  If I want to stop it, I’ll just stop it.”

“I don’t want you to get angry, but I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“What do you mean?  I’m the one who’s in control of my own destiny, right?  I can determine my own future through my conscious choices.  So, if I say I’m ready to move on, then that’s how it’s going to be!”

“Okay, let’s think of it this way, for a minute.  When you say ‘I’, who do you mean?  Are you talking about yourself, the person standing in front of me?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And who is that person?  Who are you?”

“I’m a spirit trapped in a body, who’s living out a lifetime on the planet Earth.”

“And what sort of powers, or abilities do you have?”

“Oh, I see what you’re getting at; okay then, in that case, I’m a multidimensional being who has existed for an infinite amount of time, with unlimited capacities for knowledge and ability.  I am my own ‘Higher Self,’ and who knows, I could even be a divine being of some sort.  Is that clear enough for you?”

“I don’t know, it sounds like you’re giving me a line out of some spirituality pamphlet, or something.  I’m not convinced.  You don’t seem all that powerful to me.  And, why should it matter anyway?  It’s not so bad being human.  We can experience so many things, even if we are apparently limited.  I like to think of us as being specialized!

“Ha, ha, that’s a good one ‘spin doctor’!  But seriously, wouldn’t you want to be finished with the whole reincarnation thing?”

“Actually, I already am.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you said that it was all just an ‘illusion’ right?”


“So that would make our experience of time an illusion too, right?”

“I guess so.”

“If linear time is an illusion, then all of time is actually finished, complete; and this conversation, if it ever happened, happened long ago.”

“Tell me more…”

“Okay, I’ve read that there really are no past, present or future lives, only simultaneous lives.  All of our lifetimes are happening all at once, within the present moment.  It’s totally mind-boggling, but it feels right, somehow!”

“So then I really don’t need to worry about choosing to end my tour on the old reincarnation merry-go-round?  It’s all been taken care of for me?”

“That’s right.”

“There’s no need to worry?”

“…apparently not.  It’s all been arranged, so you might as well find some way to enjoy this lifetime, while you can.”

“This is something I hadn’t thought of, to be honest.  Can you describe it to me in another way, so that I can picture it better in my mind?”

“Sure, but it may sound a little funny.”

“That’s okay, I already think you’re a bit odd, anyway.”

“Why, thank you!”

“It wasn’t meant to be a compliment.”

“Oh…  Well, here goes…I like to think of these ‘simultaneous lifetimes’ visually, in terms of one of those ‘mirror balls’ from the golden age of Disco.”

“Really?  How?”

“Imagine a powerful beam of light hitting the mirror ball at just the right angle, what happens?”

“Hundreds of tiny reflections are projected all around the room; everybody knows that.”

“Now, imagine that original light beam as the source of our existence.  Once it hits the reflective surfaces of the mirror ball, the light energy is divided equally among all those little reflections.  Each one of those tiny reflections represents a simultaneous lifetime, originating out of our primary essence.  Though they appear to be separate, they also appear as a group.”

“Ahh, I see how your mind is working…. So if we can get rid of the mirror ball, or time, all of this splitting of the light beam will stop and we can realize the oneness of our existence?”

“Potentially…  but it’s been around for at least 30 years now, and the mirror ball doesn’t seem any closer to being thrown away.”

“I guess some things just never die.”



© Copyright 2018 Hurdish. All rights reserved.

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