The Haunted House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cassandra enters a house to sit at the window and pretend to be a girl who died there years ago, scaring passers walking by, one things for certain, she never thought she was going to meet the real thing, who, as it happens wants to escape the house that she died and and to do so she needs a human sacrifice.

Done for a competition in my English class ages ago, I wrote it the night it had to be in. But it came runner up and I won a box of chocolate buttons (although it was also read out in in class, very embarrassing I can assure you)

The Haunted House

“Go on than!” Elsie snapped. “You promised you’d do it and we’re all waiting.”

“I’m not sure that Cassandra should do this.” Muttered Tammy her bright blue eyes showed how scared she was “I’ve heard that the ghost will try and kill anyone who goes in there.”

“Ah come on, it’s only a bit of fun” said Elsie encouragingly.

The rumour was that a young girl had been murdered inside the house and now haunted the house, staring at passers by, beckoning them to come inside.

Cassandra thought that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Cassandra’s idea was to dress up as the girl and sit on the window sill scaring any passers by.

After forcing herself to go inside Cassandra switched on her torch and swung a beam around the empty, dusty room. The smell was horrible, it was like rooting flesh and you could almost taste it. The door behind her creaked and Cassandra jumped putting her hand on the wall next to her, she felt something sticky, it was just a cobweb.

Pushing the next door open, Cassandra stumbled into a large hall way. She shone her torch onto the large staircase. Then as she hurried forward, something lurched out of the darkness blocking her path. Cassandra’s stomach turned to ice. Then, sighing with relief, she saw a girl about the same age standing before her.

She was wearing a long nightdress like Cassandra’s.

“You frightened me!” she smiled.

“You frightened me too!” the girl smiled back “what are you doing here?”

“Oh I was going up to play a joke on anyone who walks past, you?”

“Me too, my brother dared me to do this.”

“Shall we go together?” Cassandra suggested. “It won’t be half as scary.”

Slowly, they both started to climb the stairs which creaked every time Cassandra put her foot down, but weirdly, not for the girl. Suddenly, one of the steps crumbled beneath Cassandra’s weight, shooting her bare leg through the stairs. Cassandra dropped her torch and made a grab for the girl. To her horror, her hand passed right through the girl, causing her to tumble to the bottom landing with a thump. Cassandra picked herself up and ran through the hallway to get out but she found herself in another room, a small room. Here the windows were not boarded and moonlight filtered in through the dirty glass.

Cassandra turned to go back but found her way blocked by the girl; her face had a nasty twisted expression on it.

“Stay back!” Cassandra shrieked, shrinking into the corner. She swallowed hard “what do you want?”

“I want to be free,” the girl replied, eyes narrowing. “I’ve been haunting this place for ages. Its time for someone to take my place and that someone is you.”

Cassandra frowned “don’t I have to die?” she asked.

“So die,” the girl hissed.

Suddenly the room was surrounded with burning flames. The girl was blocking the door. Cassandra started to cough and choke as the room filled with smoke.

Suddenly an idea came to Cassandra, if she could get past the flames, then she would pass right through the ghost girl.

Jumping through the flames Cassandra could feel her skin burning. Finally she got to the door. Cassandra grabbed at the handle, swinging the door open she ran through the ghost girl, through the hall and out into the cold air. Cassandra looked at the room where she had been trapped. She could hear a high pitched scream as the flames got out.

Her skin would heal and now she had an exciting story to tell her everyone. She didn’t know whether or not her friends would believe her but Cassandra would always know in her own heart that it was true.

Submitted: February 11, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Hurricane. All rights reserved.

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intersting topic.vell done

Fri, February 12th, 2010 3:51am


Thank you :)

Fri, February 12th, 2010 6:33am



Sat, February 13th, 2010 4:59pm


Thanks :)

Sat, February 13th, 2010 11:24am

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