Trapped on a Deserted Island

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

She had no idea how they landed on this island, she doesn't know how to get home, she doesn't even know where home is! But how can the nightmares that Dilly keeps having, help her get back?

A short story written 2002/03 and re-written 22:59 on the 18th February and finished 23:50 on the 24th February 08 (with inspiration from Enya and the song Caribbean Blue :P) Its only a short silly story where a young girl is trapped on a mysterious island.


Dilly opened her soft brown eyes and gingerly twisted her head to see where she was. Hills and trees surrounded her but none of them looked familiar. Dilly ran a hand through soft golden sand, and then jumped up in surprise; this was not like her beach! Her beach back home-where ever that was-had smooth yet hard pebbles everywhere. Where on earth was she? Was she even on earth? Maybe she- A short sudden bark made Dilly leap out of her thoughts just in time, before she had collapsed in panic. Another bark sounded out. Dilly scanned her surroundings and spotted a small puppy-her puppy!-watching a small bird attempting to fly, but was very unsuccessful, that was unless jumping and then landing with a thud on its backside meant flying! As Dilly walked over to her dog Lucky, she noticed that the small bird was a young puffin. Dilly expected the puffin to retreat as she approached but instead he watched her curiously and then padded over to her, Lucky’s eyes following every move. Dilly knelt down and tickled the Puffin under the chin and he gave a small happy squawk like sound.

“Woof!” Lucky barked “Woof!” Dilly could tell that she wanted to go and explore the island, if it indeed was an island. It did look like one-a very small one at that. Dilly was curious too but she had many questions running through her mind. Where were they? Was there anybody else here other then a puffin? Is this place safe? Yup a lot of questions but no answers, nope not even one.

“Erk!” Puffin squawked, if you could even call it that.

He began padding towards the closest bunch of trees, Dilly followed with Lucky bounding after her. Puffin reached the trees and sat down in front of them, looking proud. “Look Lucky!” Dilly cried happily “He’s shown us some food!” Without a second thought, her rumbling stomach leading her on, Dilly snatched off an apple, gave it rub with her still wet jumper, then bit into it happily, feeling the apple juice slide down her throat with a soothing feeling. Lucky sat by her side and barked impatiently. Dilly through her an apple, not caring whether she aimed right or hit the dog on the head.

Roughly half an hour later, as Dilly had estimated, the trio set off to explore the island (Puffin deciding to tag along) as Dilly had decided that they would get nowhere just sitting around stuffing themselves with apples. Dilly looked out to the calm sea and in the distance she could just about make out a small piece of land-perhaps that was home. Dilly sighed to herself, if it was, what could she do about it all the way over here?

Dilly led Lucky and Puffin all around the island, which led to discover just how small it was as they covered it in a matter of approximately 20 minutes-once again according to Dilly. Said girl then led the animals into a small slightly dark forest, which was full of fruit tress. Dilly collected fairly large pieces of wood and some incredibly strong vines that were lying on the grassy forest floor. The forest was silent, other then a few random chirps from birds somewhere and the scuttle of Lucky who couldn’t quite decide where to explore.

Slowly the sky grew darker and Dilly realised the trio needed somewhere to sleep. As they wandered around, Lucky came across a small cave, it wasn’t very deep, you could barely call it a cave, more like a hole, but Dilly felt it seemed quite welcoming and gratefully curled up with Lucky and Puffin after pulling her wavy brown hair into a plait.

At first Dilly welcomed the calm dreamless sleep but slowly it turned into a horrific nightmare. Dilly, Lucky and Puffin were stuck floating in the middle of a wild sea, sitting upon a leaky raft, no land to be seen in any direction. A huge wave was above them plunging down down…

Dilly woke up with a jolt, startling both Lucky and Puffin awake. Dilly looked up into the sky; it was a deep orange colour, thank heavens for mornings!

By afternoon Dilly could see her pile of wood starting to take the shape of a small raft. Using only the strongest vines, Dilly wound them round the pieces of wood and every now and then she would check that it would float.

By evening, the raft was complete, it was only a small thing and if the sea became rough, it would probably fall apart. But for now it was working and floated properly with all three of them on the top. (Although Puffin didn’t really make much of a difference), Dilly hoped that Puffin would come with them, he got on really well with Lucky and seemed to have adopted them as surrogate parents, well Dilly hadn’t seen any other puffin’s around, only a few small birds that would fly away if you came within a 5 metre radius of them. Maybe something had happened to Puffin’s family.

Dilly ate another apple then curled up with Puffin and Lucky, hoping for a better night sleep. Her wish was not granted for the exact same thing happened as before, down to the last detail.

Morning came once again and Dilly was ready, the other island she had seen looked closer then ever, maybe there were people on the other piece of land.

“Are we ready?” Dilly asked Puffin and Lucky, not really expecting an answer.

“Woof!” Lucky barked.

“Squawk!” Puffin squawked.

And so the three adventurers sat on the raft as Dilly steered them across the ocean with a small piece of wood which made a perfect oar. The sky was a lovely blue but Dilly could see clouds gathering and tried to paddle faster. The turquoise sea glistened in the sun as Lucky looked down wondering what possibly could be below all that water.

Without warning, the sea went wild. The sky turned gray and the small lapping waves became large dangerous ones, leering at the trio, baying for their blood. Puffin stuck his claws into Lucky, holding on tight and Dilly grabbed hold of the howling puppy. Dilly was trying to work out what she should do; she was a long way from the island she had been stranded on and not close enough to the other for comfort. In the end Dilly decided it was best just to keep going forward, so she tried to steady the raft as much as she could and set off speedily towards the piece of land she hoped was her home.

Reality fast became Dilly’s nightmare and yet it was still real; she couldn’t wake up as soon as the wave hit and then lie basking in the sunshine, looking back at her dream hoping it would never come true, because it had! Dilly had to deal with it, she had to fight! The large wave plunged towards them, just as Dilly had seen twice already, as the wave had stuck it had never given a good final outcome Dilly worked out from the jolt as she woke up. Well, third time lucky, Dilly thought as she held tight to the terrified animals. The wave hit.

Dilly’s eyes opened, Lucky’s tongue was all over her face, Dilly could see a dripping Puffin sitting happily atop Lucky’s own soggy head. She pushed Lucky away gently and looked around, head throbbing, running her hands along the ground she felt hard pebbles. The scenery was incredibly familiar, had she been here before? Then it all clicked into place. This was her home island! She was home and alive!
Then a voice spoke, a young boy’s voice, “Where have you been?” he asked gently “Everyone’s been looking for you.” Dilly recognised that voice. It was Ben’s. The boy that she and him together had played together often on this very beach she sat on. She spun around to see a worried pair of eyes on her, Ben with his mop of dark red hair sat beside, her curiously watching her every move. Dilly looked out to sea that small island she had once been trapped on was no where to be seen, even though the sea and sky were crystal clear. Had it all been a dream? Dilly looked at Lucky and Puffin playing together. No, Puffin was living proof that it wasn’t, as was the stick that Dilly noticed she was still clutching so tightly in her right hand. Dilly realised her grip and sighed turning to face Ben. Her adventures on the mysterious island seemed like another life time now. Dilly fell into Ben’s arms just glad to have the comfort of another human being, (her stomach rumbling reminding her that she could also do with some more food!) Ben wound his arms tightly around the still wet and shivering Dilly who had begun the sob with relief upon his shoulders, her drenched hair clinging to her face. “I was trapped Ben,” she cried “I was trapped on a deserted island.”

Submitted: January 13, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Hurricane. All rights reserved.

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