A cold forty

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probably the realest shit i ever posted

Submitted: July 14, 2008

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Submitted: July 14, 2008




Hatin on ya people is the ultimate weakness-

Im all about the movement homeboy i breathe this-

We like a voice that gets drowned by the same team too blow up we gotta be about the same thing-

And this gang shit just throws away so many lives, as i look in my little boys brown eyes-

I can tell em love urself so that you can love others, if a person is mean its just because he suffers-

Dont hate on em just walk away and pray baby its not his fault he was taught to live angry-

You cant act the same way as the bad people, cause when you fight its like one minus one-


Nobody wins cause you both make each other weak and i know its hard to stay cool when you feel the heat-

Its easy to be a fool homeboy listen, thats why we fillin up the graveyards and prisons-

So dont stoop to there level when they hate on you cause if you do mijo your gonna become a hater too-

Its like the flames you see on a burning house they use water not fire when they put it out-

Its the same thing when you meet a person full of hate you gotta fight with love its the only way-

To put the fire out so you can stay on your high ground the words people need most love what i found-

But its tought like when a person works out it brings pain but the muscles get strong and sprout-

You will build the most important strengths we posses love, patience,compassion, and humbleness-

And too my people thats caught up inna bad spot i know you feel its too late and you cant stop-

I know a whole lotta homies done died for this i know you feel you gotta ride when its time for this-

But you can walk away and have a life of true wealth i can love you but i cant make you love yourself-

Its a life and i promise its worth savin but if not dont teach the young about bangin-

Cause tell me this wat is a great mind if its a babys gettin taught to throw up gang signs-

Give em a chance at live cause they deserve the best we all do baby-


Carlos Coy 07

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