a fork in tha road

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yes i put r-restricted i havent even wrote it yet but i already know lol but yea this is my story

Submitted: October 21, 2007

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Submitted: October 21, 2007



Umm well let me show you tha hand before i lay it down lol my name is corey i was born august 3 1992 yea im purrty young.

I was born right outside of houston texas its called baytown its my home but theres just alot of stuff i dont like about it. I have one brother my dad and mom got divorced right after or maybe even before i was born i dont really know. MY mom got pregnant with my bro at the age of sixteen she had the choice of an obortion because she had already had plans to go to college and the schollarship to make it there with but me and my bro popped up lucky for her she had a good mother that would watch over me and my brother. As i grew older i started to want to get to know my dad i had heard bad storys about him abusing my mom i cant remember anything from the time that i was a baby thats why i say i heard storys but as i got to know my dad he was a auto body repairer or a car guy lol or thats wat i thought but when i was with him in that time we really didnt have any money and i the fact that he couldnt show his kids a good time bothered him once he was crying on my arm because he lost twenty bucks for a movie he was going to take me too i wanted to tell him i didnt give a fuck about tha movie being with him was all that mattered but i didnt. Me my bro mom and grandma moved to tha surburbs where i met one friend who i still know till this day we started skateboarding me and him got real into it . But back then i had no clue wat drugs were or even wat hatred was.Down tha road i began to smoke weed lol first time was with my brother haha i guess its in my dads genes is wat my mom always said but right at about the seventh grade was my rock bottom i got into prescribtion drugs daily and cocaine daily i was running the streets with a posse i guess four of us i thought everything was going good but actually i had no idea what was going on lol one day i got phone call from my mom she told me that my father was in prison that he would be doing two years tears fell from my eyes till this day i still dont know for wat but it had to do with a drug deal gone bad i thought why is my dad even around drug deals lol after he got out he moved to indiana i was really missing him at this moment i had already knew that my dad was moving kilos and pounds across tha whole west perrty much nation wide he was richer than ever he bought two houses and a brand new chrysler three hundred he wanted me to move up with him but i couldnt just leave my mom who had worked so hard just so that i could have a good life i still havent decided if i want to live with my dad i love him but just dont want to be away from my mom i dont give a fuck if he sells drugs the only thing i fear is that he will get caught you might think thats wrong but its somthing i cant explain. Maybe its cause i was raised on tha streets and selling drugs wasnt really a big deal my best friend who was fourteen sold drugs better than a twenty one year old and we had no guns but anyways now im at tha point with where to go with my dad or mom plz comment what you think i should do

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