A paradise

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wat up cdc here i was inspired this second to write this i dont even what its gonna be about jus let it pour out

Submitted: July 15, 2008

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Submitted: July 15, 2008




Wishin i was somwhere else cause i just cant take this fucked up world im not suicidal just being mindful

See i used to be the same as you poppin pills and snortin up coc from dolla bills, smokin so much weed i became foreva ill

I turned my life around stopped sellin kilos and pounds im lookin towards god now i dug my own hole i dont expect anbody to help me out

But damn its still there that feelin of adrenaline so foreva tha streets i will be within and thats why they sayin i cant become a christian Man fuck yall then me and god gonna come up with a new religon

I dont give a fuck wat youve done i dont need to hear it cause i been there son watevr it is jus drop to ya knees and ask god to forgive ya for your sins may we all live in paradise in the end

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