dese streets

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fuc dese streets

Submitted: May 02, 2007

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Submitted: May 02, 2007



damn ppl be hatin idk no what im doin on here but o well haha-----------ok here we go im bout to lay it down for all yall hoes but first a lil intro - homie stop rappin u aint real u need to chill if u wanna battle come on heres the first verse - U A BICH UR HOE IS ALL OVA MA DIC DOIN LICKETY LICK -TALK TO HER LEGS TELL EM TO DO THA SPLITY SPLITS THAT U CANT DISS TRY TO COME BAC AND ULL PROBALY MISS - SO THINK BEFORE U STEP TO ME CANT NOBODY JUDGE ME YEAH I AM A POTHEAD I SAY IT PROUDLe HAHA - alright now bac to tha song --------nicca was only 14 but wanted to get payed so he went to tha streeets and started climbin up tha dope game- met alot of thugz he knew they all sold drugz but they showed a young nicca like him love- before u know it everything was jus fucked up all the way from his pop bein locked up to mom poppin and not stoppin- he doesnt know wich way to go toward his homies or wat god tells him to do - he goez to his kness and there in silence boom ak shot em- the niccas dead after all the shit he had in his head the same thing he destined to be capped him on his knees right were he pray sayin god plz - in heaven or hell he sayin man fuc dese streets

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