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thanks to everybody for pushin me to go this far sixteen fucken yrs tha pain ive been thru is bout come out diamonds rings and fancy thing aint real happieness took me awhile to figure that out

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



What up im bout to bring it like this

Now im sixteen on tha block for a while there my life was tooken ova by watchin out for cops

Had too wipe my slate clean with gods mop got everybody prayin that you dont die can really bring down a mans pride

For tha friends i have lost in these sixteen years i know i will see you again homie the end is from here

I just gotta keep ma head up

Life goes all to fast especaially if all you do is grind for cash smoke a joint to get your ass relaxed

Its my birthday today im writin a cold forty to remeber everyones face, Mom bro dad, damn it makes a nigga glad

That im here and not dead i used to wanna get away now all i wanna do is chill and put my feet in tha sand life goes to fast man

These sixteen years made me relize that bein loved is the greatest joy in life

Not diamonds and cars or havin fun with your friends at tha bar

But tha little things like spendin time with my mom thats what keeps a mans heart calm

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