tha stuff they dont want you to know about marajuana

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the real shit lol

Submitted: May 02, 2007

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Submitted: May 02, 2007



The truth about marajuana .........where to start first things first forget everything u have ever heard about weed the bad and good.This is the truth about marajuana for those of u who dont smoke and for those of u who do MARAJUANA IS NOT A DRUG it is merely a plant that i think god put here to help us through hard times or to just relax.. Ive heard such things like it makes u retarted a lie marajuana makes u foucus better heres an example....-hey tod are u high yea nicca so high i can see jesus haha- oh thats why ur taking so long on ur test - yea im tryin to get them right - tod ur to retarted to get one of them right ... the hole class laughs but tod still is foucusing on his work - see tod is taking his time seeing every science or watever subject in his mind as he is reading it but the other classmates follow there teachers notes- is tod wrong or are they hard to say really kind of like the meaning of life if marajuana was bad why would it be here - i know some of u are thinking well crack is bad and its here thats cause crack is a drug or human made marajuana is made by god grown from the earth itself and was and will stay here longer than any drug it will never go away- but the government insists on trying to lock up ppl smoking or sellin it there the wrongs ones they should be ashamed of wat they have done not smokers. So theres a liltle info for u guys on that subject now i gotta get back to ma joint lol pce

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