it was a late night

It was just like any other day my boy Wes cranking up tha prices on the weed. Which was normal. After a couple of hours im high as hell and everybody is going home i told pedro my i guess best freind that ill see him on the streets tonight which was also normal cause we always snuck out during the night to go blow some kill. So we go to the destination we light the blunt and everything is going good. I get a cell phone call from somone saying theres a party down the street i say ill be there and hang up the phone. Then i hear this sound i look to my left and theres somebody running towards us with a loudspeaker i already had start to run cause i knew it was a cop. At this moment my heart is pounding i have to run cause i have about an ounce of weed on me and if the cop finds it im going to jail so i run as fast as i can without looking bac. Pedro is right behind me were still running until i jump into some woods the cop passes and never sees my face again with so much adrenaline i cant help but just sit in the wood for a couple of minutes. Finally i get up and go to the party, there was a couple of people there but really good friends of mine we go into the backward and the smoke session starts up again. Im telling everybody about the cop hating on me and pedro at the park there all laughing. Then my cell phone rings its mark my friend i had talked to earlier about some zanex bars i tell him im right down the street and ill be there to pick them up in a little bit. I leave the party cause i need to get home i tell pedro to come with me just incase anything goes down as were walking over there a car is creepin on by us and stops for a second. Rolls down the window and i see a barrell thats when i know im dead this fool wasnt wearing a mask or nothin and i knew he wasnt bout to let me see his face. Then as im standing there straight still looking into that barrell they drive off and i drop to my knees thanking god. I figure out i need to get off the streets without no heat so i go to marks house pick up tha shit and right when im bout to leave he says hold up ur mom knows ur out. At that moment i know im fucked see my mom had just lost my brother beacause he failed his probation drug test and the court took him away she had just given up her addiction to prescribed pills to. So im just so ashamed of myself arlready that i just sit on the curb thinking wat a fucked up night this has been. But i just head bac home and hope that my mom is feeling nice. I get there shes in her car ready to go look for me , i knock on the window she gets out and we go into the house. Shes in tears she says why do u smell like marajuana again ur just like ur dad a fuken dopefene she says. And that right there get me into tears ive never heard my mom say somthing like that to me i just walk away not saying a word it sent chills down my spine when she said that. The next day i wake up and smoke again trying to forget the night no one is home and im just thinking. I decide to stop smoking weed for my mom i quit for two months and just couldnt take it so im sorry mom but never will i forget those words u said to me when u die may u rest in peace and we reunite in hevean and forget all the past and history start out on a clean slate love ya and u dad man its already to late.

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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maybe with a little more punctuation, this could be a great piece. its good, but a little hard to understand.

Mon, May 7th, 2007 4:00pm


yea my bad but thanx anyway

Mon, May 7th, 2007 11:57am

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