there never the same

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this peice for yall who dont get it is take time to look around and dont just pass up life i think i got the point to someone by saying that.

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



Fuc you and wat you going through nicca im it im just tryin to be a man all i can be ima ride till i die you could see it im my eyes i dont gotta tell ya u already know the deal-

Packing ma heat  in these streets stayin on tha tips of ma feet salvation that i will one day see but i gotta do this right now and hustle among the hole town and keep up with wats goin down-

I already know you dont like me thinkin in ur mind ima bad influence to society thats only cause you aint as high as me lol i say it wit ma lyrics make ur brain boil up like a chemist but now im bout to finish this lol u know u gonna miss this-

Naw but foreal as i said before yall already know tha deal- rockin it up in the kitchen always ona mission ma mind be trippin cause ma chilhood filled with some much violence plus pain one thing i know is myself i gotta blame- things will never be the same-

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