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i know this

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007



I know wats goin through ur mind right now your bored and you got nothin to do well same here lol i know wat u going thru. Hard times mom and  dad fighting the streets drugs u know regular teenage stuff lol. Well see i been there and im still going all this bullshit but cant nothin stop me when im older ill wannna be younger u know so it has its good and bad effects. But u know jus trying to say that ur not the only person doing wat ur doing ive always thought that nobody knew wat was going on inside my mind but theres always one person who does. And that person u should stay with forever even if the oppisite sex its always to have that person around just to guide u threw lol. I know ur freinds pressure u to do stuff some times but if u like doing it dont let them say u follwed them u know. But shit i know theres so much ur taking in at one time seems like when  one problem gets fixed a new one is created. It never ends. So u just have to deal with it one problem at a time find somthing u like to do that makes u not think about all the stress ur going through. For me i just relax maybe roll up a liltle joint or do some skating that might be a problem with some people but thats me i always be this way never will i change. So thats the key word here never change shouldve made it the title but o well. And somone plz comment this sayin if u like the words or not and maybe ill give some more advice not sure im the right person who should be doing this but somone has to lol.

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