she might have smiled a little

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To a girl I see in my dreams at night, and to a girl whose name, I don't even know. also, to the one's in my life who convienced me to start writing again, Thanks guys:)

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



there's a girl that I met a couple of weeks ago,

some friends of mine convienced me to go to the highschool dance,

and although I didn't want to,

eventually, with words of the girls,

and with whispers of free food,

I decided to go.


And of course it was, the winter formal,

So I went out, to get myself,

A brand new shirt. And that's when I saw her

This beautiful girl, just an aisle away,

There in the clothing store.


She was picking out a dress,

and she looked in my direction,

and she might have looked at me,

and she might have smiled a little,

but at the time, love was mot my friend,

and so I thought it was my imagination,

playing tricks with my mind.


Well I found myself a nice new shirt,

and it fit fairly well, and I went home,

with my mind full of thoughts,

of the beautiful girl,

who was at the clothing store.


And then as I was looking,

out my bedroom window,

she was walking by my house,

and she might have looked my way,

and she might have smiled a little,

and this time, I smiled back.


And for the rest of the nights,

leading up to the dance,

I couldn't get her off my mind,

I watched for her at school,

I looked for her at work,

but little did I see, of the girl who looked my way.


But she might have looked my way.

and she might have smiled a little,

and little does she know,

she has dominated the imagination and the dreams,

of a love struck boy.


Oh and then came the night,

that last fatefull night,

it was the night of the dance,

I put on my shirt,

my old dress pants,

and I went upstairs, to ask my dad to drive me,

to that highschool dance.


once I was there, I met up with my friends,

and we danced for a little while,

But then on came a slow song,

and they all partnered up,

and I prepared to dance, with myself.


Ohhh, and out of the shadows,

walked the girl of my dreams,

and she asked me to dance.

and as we danced, I looked down at her eyes,

And she might have looked my way,

and she might have smiled a little,

and she was there in my arms.


And I didn't see her,

for a while after that,

but near the end of the night,

I started looking,

and I found her just,

as the final song was starting,

she was standing alone,

and I might have looked her way,

And I might have smiled a little,

as I asked her to dance.

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