The Day The Sun Did Not Rise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The enemy is right outside your window.

In the town, there is a young man.  He carries a large, black, heavy cloud all around him.

The other occupants tell him, constantly, “Come away from darkness, lay it down, leave it there, and be free like the rest of us.”

The boy, not daring to look any in the eye, tells them, “I shall not.”

And moves on.  And the occupants now leave him be.

Yet, the occupants talk about him constantly.  No one dare goes near him, for fear of entering the cloud.  

Tired of the obsession and all the talk, finally, another dares to approach the young man.


“Why dost thou carry this?  Why dost thou seem downtrodden and sad all the time?”


And he who asks him the question looks into the eyes of the young man.  And they are black as night.


“I have seen the way things are.  I have seen the truth.  And it is not Gospel.  It is darkness.  It is eternal.  Only the happiness and revery within light are temporary.  The darkness shall reign in the end.”  In a voice which shakes the very Earth.


He who asks the question feels a great, deep, awful hole open up inside his chest, turns, runs, and cries.  They try to quell his fear.  They try to comfort him.  Eventually, he who asked the question is lulled back into the light, and merry again with others.


While the young man keeps to himself, inside his home, as always, only leaving to obtain food and water at very routine times.  Some more approach him now, as he walks with eyes toward the Earth.  They ask the young man:

“Why dost thou tell lies?”


The young man sighs.  For he knows that every word he speaks doth shake the Earth, and hence likes to keep quiet and still, to maintain peace and harmony.


“What is wrong with thou?  Can thou not speak?”


The young man looks up.  And can now stare into the deepest parts of all those now asking questions.  They immediately fear and tremble at the young man.

And the young man sayeth unto them:  

“How canst any of you know if I lie?  For I speak not in illusions, but only in truth.  Your world is the world of illusions and lies.  Now leave me be, lest I call upon my allies, to whom I am loyal and are loyal to me, and have you destroyed.”


And they see, within the young man and his black eyes, lightning flashes of violence, terror, and chaos.  And they do not know this to be of grave warning.  For the young man hath yet to lie or deceive.  And they try him with nervous laughter, right to his face, and begin following him:

“Thou hast friends hm?  Where art they?  For we see thee only alone, in sadness, with a great dark cloud around thee.”


The young man sighs once more, breath like the wind:  “Should all of you not heed my warning, you will be destroyed.  For you live in a world that I do not, a world of false idols, material, pleasure, and illusion.  You do not want to know the root of my sadness.  And you do not want to deepen it, by making me destroy all of thee.  Please, let me practice mercy, and let you live.  Lest you will meet my allies, who will not be kind.”


“Thou still claims to have allies?  Forsooth, you will need them today."


They laugh at the young man.  And they come close to him, into the shadow of the cloud.


“Where art they?  If we bash in thy skull, will they come?  If we burn thee, will they come?”


They surround the young man.  And he lowers his eyes to the ground and speaks not a word.  The bell at church begins to ring.  And the sun is setting into the Earth, in the West.  


“What?  Thou can not speak now?”


The mob is screaming:

“Send him to hell!”

“Snuff him out!”

“Rid our world of this cloud!”


And the mob has at the young man.  They smash his arms and legs.  They burn him with cigarettes and matches.  And the young man stays silent.  And they throw him into a deep and dark hole.  Two men with guns stand at the entrance to the hole.  And the two men with guns hear the young man laugh.  And the young man sayeth, for he knows the world still listens:

“Fools!  False ones, you have merely sent me home.  And it is here where I possess no option but to grow mad with power, and perform the acts of which I have warned.”

And the young man continues to laugh.


And in the distance, just beyond the perimeter of the town, there is a great, inhuman roar.  It is followed by howling of wolves.  And the Earth begins to shake.  And great, powerful, hairless, legions arise from the caves of the Earth.  Their eyes glow inside their skulls.  Their teeth are filed down to fangs.  Their skin is hard as bone.  They storm the town.  They roar as lions.  And they are many.  Their wolves eat the dogs.  They kick down doors, smash through windows, rip down power lines, and eat men alive in their beds.  They snuff out the torches and false light.  Bullets do nothing.  Explosions do nothing.  For they have been forged and made strong by fire.  And the young man gives those who dwell in the Earth orders through ancient tongues.  And all women come to the entrance of his prison, flanked by those who dwell beneath the Earth.  All children are spared.  And those who dwell in the Earth bring out the young man before the women.  They place him on a throne of the bones of men.


“Did I not warn all of thee?  Did I not beg all of thee?  Yet all of you took place in the mob that hath taken me.  Now bow before me.  And recognize that I did tell the truth.  Lest I must destroy you.  No woman should ever be destroyed, for they are carriers of life, and God’s greatest gift to Earth.”


Many women bow.  Many do not.  Those who do not have their heads ripped from their necks in painless death.


The young man commands those who dwell in the Earth to lift him, and place him in a bow before the women.  And the young man sayeth unto the women, while bowing, “Now I show you the ways of kindness and mercy.  For thou hast bowed before me, I now bow before all of thee.  Now go, raise your children in kindness, and show them the way of mercy and gentle men, lest your men grow cruel, seeking power, and harm he that will taketh my place, continuing the bloodshed.”


And the young man commandeth those who dwell within the Earth to return home, to clean up from the slaughter, splint his limbs, use the corpses as food, and no longer make war.


And the women raise the children in kindness, and show them the way of mercy and gentle men.


And the creatures that dwell in the Earth carry out the young mans’ commands, lifting him again onto the throne.

And one young woman stays behind, looking into the young man’s eyes, filled with horror, darkness, and morbidity as always.  And she sits with him on the throne, for she understands him now.  And the young mans’ wounds do heal.  And the sun does not rise.  And the new king and queen, wearing no crowns, bring up a gentle tribe underneath the stars.  And there was, finally, rest, and peace.

Submitted: August 21, 2015

© Copyright 2020 HVMR. All rights reserved.

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