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Vertigo - Vertigo is a feeling of instability or of not knowing what our situation in space is; it consists of rotating, which is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and lack of stability in walking. It is as if things in the environment, soil and everything went round located around or were not still.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



“At my back I always hear

Time’s winged chariot drawing near”


My days are over in a blink, a month a few.

Hello, my name is Vertigo,

Here to make you question how anything can come to carefully chosen words,

To tell you that every revelation and piece of wisdom is just reporting what has been there all along,

To tell you nobody can see the things that truly shine because they silently do not shine.

Is this madness?


My story, always existing, exists in the eyes of every lonesome sleep-deprived angry adolescent:

Swirling slipping smashing crippling flashes of vagabond memory

I can’t hold onto them anymore.

You can die or live every second,

It is your choice.


Down is up

Forwards is backwards in another direction


These words have been written ten hundred other ways and repeated –

I’m foolish enough to desire such for my own words? –

That is madness.


Two pairs of eyes meeting are two parallel universes meeting –

The void between them is Love

And Love will forever be nothing because it’s everything

So why are you scared of it?

It’s okay

I am too.

If you can’t look inside yourself then look out,

Meet my eyes,

Because I can’t look at the scholars heads down lost inside that very cavernous necklace hanging on their shoulders.

The poetry they discuss is them!

It is my poetry!

It hurts to look at everyone and only see Life in those who are deemed ‘Dead’.

It hurts to watch words that you feel in your heart minced,

What is this all anyway?





My years are over in blinks.

That’s all there is to anything –

Car rides are too surreal anymore

Big poignant pictures have become invisible.


In the squares of a screen of a window every single day of my life was held

Laughter – Crying – Loving – Talking – Walking

And if you let go

The whole window, secure and smiling

Shone through looking back at you.


Hello, my name is Vertigo,

“Can you tell me what is up, Buttercup?”


Dust floating in my room told me all things are just a combination of smaller things.  No matter how big or small.

Every Truth, every lie, even you and I.

The Sun told me everyday can be enjoyed the same.

But they told me time

They told me stop sign

Stiff uncomfortable shoes with choking neck ties.

If Madness be the way out –

I want out out out out!


Looking down at glaring words,

Looking up and everything is different,

Somber clouds rise.

Clouds in your head will make you mince this poem –

Like I might mince your tiny head,

Forgive me, from here mine is so obstructive and intrusive and heavy

But maybe like the window,

We can let go,

As all the small pieces of us make us in perfect harmony.

Say ‘oh’ in Vertigo

Seeing everything

Seeing Love.


Jump in the cold pool of insanity

Escape playing catatonic cacophony –

Underneath water feels like Vertigo.

We’ll be floating angels,

Breathing the cloud everyone has to now and again

Then descending back to safety,

Life looking like a window.



When underwater

“Which way is up, Buttercup?”  Can you tell me?

I know two eyes are meeting

Two parallel universes meeting

The void dissipates

Vertigo finally fleeting

And I realize that

Madness Is Bliss!


Because my magnanimous madness will always remain mine.

Floating in the void –

Someday it will be loved

As I love all of yours and everyone else’s

If my Madness be Love then I am mad mad mad.


Madness is short-circuts

Like the feet of this poem

But these short-circuts fire just right to make a screen

When you see past that short-circuting video screen and the window screen

And a screen of your own, see past all you know,

Then you know Vertigo.


And I am so sorry

So I’ll just say Goodnight,

All I ask if you might,

Don’t be a lover, a friend

Don’t look down

As another day blinks by, just there

Another month

Another year

Just please float with me here.

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