The World isn't as nice as it may seem.

Climb out the window,
Watch the world go by,
It's like a sunset,
Starting in front of my eye.

 So much stuff to look at,
 Never know where to start first,
That's when I see it,
I see it's all the hurt.

A child crying in the middle of the street,
a man with a gun going for a beat.
The woman running away from the nightmare,
it's not a dream,
It's the real thing.

 So much to save,
No one to help,
 I can't bare to stand here,
I have to scream and yelp.

 Fleeing from the danger,
Child hides behind a tree,
The man prays to God, for he is the only thing he can see.
 Woman gone in the fear,
Save the child, but she isn't near.

 Gun shots all around,
That was the only thing in the sound.
Movement stopped by the shot,
 Fear and nightmares was the only thing it brought.

 Turn into the house,
close the window,
Hide your mind and eyes,
The only thing left to do,
Is sit here and cry.

Submitted: August 20, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Hyde. All rights reserved.

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