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For the broken heart and the hatred after it. Recover.

Submitted: September 28, 2008

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Submitted: September 28, 2008



Tell me the lie you say it's true,
I dreamed for so long,
You said "I love you"
I stayed up late and thought of us,
We were together,
Taken care of all the lust.

 Out of the blue,
You said the love was a mistake,
 I never thought it was true,
I felt my heart start to break.

Love turned to hatred,
hatred turned to pain,
I slowly feel my mind go insane.

 I trust you like no other,
Bringing the wall I held up, down,
You were more than a lover,
A dear friend I don't want now.

I'm crying out the pain and the hurt,
 You don't know what you just did,
I feel like I've been thrown into the dirt.

 Building the wall up slowly and quietly,
seperating myself from the world,
I'm letting myself become sane,
Knowing I'm not letting this happen again.

 The hurt is painfully too much to handle,
 You blew me away just like a candle.
How could you?
I loved you.
I know you did too.

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