Love Makes Me Crazy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Romeo and Juliet adaptation based in Germany in an asylum. Read a romance classic that has new twists and turns.

Submitted: August 30, 2013

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Submitted: August 30, 2013



*Engel = angel in german

Act 1
Somewhere in the outskirts of Germany
A man with good intentions rules over
A very forgotten facility
His younger son is an interloper 
Fights for himself,  he'll kill with no remorse
Yet his brother has a heart of kindness
Half the asylum his brother brings forth 
In the asylum there lies a temptress
By the fair name of Juliet Engel 
Sweet and loving is her caring nature 
And her love is for a man that's gentle 
But both their lives have been put in danger 
But we all know that their minds were hazy
The depths of our mind; love makes us crazy

Scene I. Mental hospital. Axel Montague’s office. 
Description: Axel (the father) tells his two sons to go to his office where he hands down the asylum to his oldest son, Dominik. 
Props: A knife, chairs, a desk, some type of door.

Enter DOMINIK and SVEN looking around uncomfortably. Axel sits behind his desk. They stand, shifting from foot to foot. 
AXEL: (gestures to the two empty seats in front of his desk) sit boys. 
DOMINIK and SVEN sit in the chairs.
AXEL: I’m becoming of age where my time to leave this world has come. 
DOMINIK: (tenses up) father, don’t speak like that. You are still young. 
AXEL: (shake his head) No. Now, you both know that I own the Auschwitz Mental Asylum. 
SVEN perks up in his seat and displays a look of eagerness on his face. 
AXEL: (looks at DOMINIK) I’ve decided to hand it down to you. 
SVEN: (jumps up and slams his fist onto the desk) That’s not right, Axel! 
*zum schweigen bringen - silence or shut up (verb)
I have just as much right to own the place as Dominik!
AXEL: *zum Schweigen bringen, boy!
SVEN sits back down and glares at AXEL 
DOMINIK: Thank you father. I will keep the institution as safe and organized as you have it now. 
AXEL: (nods approvingly) Thank you. You are dismissed. 
Both boys get up to leave
AXEL: (sternly) Sven, stay. 
DOMINIK looks at SVEN once before leaving and closing the door behind him. SVEN sits back down. 
AXEL: Do you know why I didn’t hand the asylum down to you?
SVEN: (uncaring) Why?
AXEL: You are still too young. I know your hatred for the asylum and its inhabitants burn with fresh fire. I know your intentions. 
SVEN: (smirks and mockingly says) What are my intentions, Axel? 
AXEL: (hesitates [allow a moment’s pause]) Death.
SVEN: (stands up) I don’t have time for this. 
AXEL: (stands up as well) I didn’t say you could leave. 
SVEN: (begins walking to the door) I’m not asking for your permission. 
AXEL: (grabs SVEN’s arm) Sven! I am speaking to you. 
SVEN: (grabs a small knife from his pocket and turns around quickly, stabbing AXEL in the chest) Stop telling me what to do! You’re not my father! 
AXEL falls to the ground clutching his chest while looking at SVEN with a look of shock. 
AXEL:You’ve betrayed our family name. 
DOMINIK pushes the door open and looks back and forth between SVEN and AXEL with wide eyes, shocked. 
DOMINIK: (runs to AXEL)  Sven! What have you done?! 
SVEN watches DOMINIK kneel at AXEL’s side before running out of the room. 

Scene II. Mental asylum lobby.
Description: Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio are in the lobby seated around a table. Magdalene is a nurse and she tells everyone the news of Axel’s death, 
Props: two metal poles (short), “out of place” clothing for Rosaline, table, chairs.

ROMEO, BENVOLIO, and MERCUTIO are seated around a table in the corner. ROMEO begins hallucinating and thinks he sees Rosaline. 
ROMEO: (looks across the room and cries out) There! There she is! The fair Rosaline! (gets up and runs over to “Rosaline”) Rosaline! 
BENVOLIO: (pulls ROMEO down and looks around nervously) Th-there’s no one there Romeo. 
ROMEO: (squirms in his straitjacket) You don’t see her?
MERCUTIO: (laughs nervously) I see her! I see thousands of her! Everywhere! (continues laughing insanely)
ROMEO: (kicks the table) But she’s standing right th-
MAGDALENE: (hits metal pole against another one) Listen up ladies! I’ve got an important announcement to make. 
ROMEO, MERCUTIO, BENVOLIO and two other patients turn to MAGDALENE.
MAGDALENE: Today, your wonderful, kind-hearted caretaker has died from a deep stab wound in his chest. He bequeaths the asylum to his son. He left the world without a notice but he will always be in our hearts.  
Scene ends with the room erupting into chaos and everyone running around. 

Scene III. Behind the asylum building. Axel’s funeral. 
Description: a group of patients surround a tombstone and Peter, Axel’s servant, speaks a few words to the others about what kind of man he was while Sven and Dominik talk privately behind the group. 
Props: tombstone. 

All the patients stand around a single tombstone and look down at it, weeping. 
PETER: Today we mourn the loss of Axel Garber. He was a good man with nothing but peace and tranquility in his heart. Through good and bad he has stood by our side.
While PETER continues to talk in the background SVEN and DOMINIK have a private conversation in the back of the group.
DOMINIK: You caused our father’s death. Look at what you have done. 
SVEN: (looks down, miserable) It was an accident. I wasn’t thinking, brother. 
DOMINIK: If it’s the asylum you so desired than fine. You may have the east wing. But you are no brother of mine. You are a simple co-worker. Nothing more, nothing less. 
DOMINIK salutes his father and turns walking away. SVEN looks at his brother. SVEN stands there. PETER stops talking and people slowly start to leave one by one. Leaving SVEN alone. 

Scene I. Asylum lobby. 
Description: The unity circle is cut through and Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. 
Props: unity circle, scissors, table, chairs, stool.

Enter JULIET staring up at the unity circle nervously. ROMEO, MERCUTIO, and BENVOLIO sit at a table in the corner of the room. PETER enter. He steps onto a stool and pulls out scissors, cutting through the unity circle. JULIET looks at the pieces sadly. Everyone stares at the unity circle in shock. Eerie silence. Distant bomb dropping sound effect in background. 
ROMEO: (sees JULIET and stands up) Who is she? She causes the syringe to burn my veins. 
JULIET runs out of the room, distressed. ROMEO gets up and runs after her.  Nazis speaking how Hitler is great in background.


Scene II. Basement of east wing. 
JULIET runs to the east wing of the basement asylum. ROMEO follows her and she breaks down crying in a gas chamber. 
ROMEO: (to himself) She is as beautiful as the stars at night. Why does she weep crystal tears? Do my eyes decieve me? Her gloriousness fits for her to be my wife. 
JULIET: Why have you abandoned us?! (looks up at the ceiling crying) Axel! Come back!
JULIET continues to cry and ROMEO watches sadly. 
ROMEO: (steps up to JULIET) M-miss?
JULIET: (turns, gasps and jumps slightly) How did you get here? Who are you?
ROMEO: Please, don’t be afraid. I saw you crying. I just wanted to know if you were okay. 
JULIET: (looks up at ROMEO, surprised) Oh. I’m alright. Just a bit sad. I can’t believe Axel passed away. 
ROMEO: (sits besides her) I understand. Me neither. 
There’s a hesitation as ROMEO and JULIET sit in silence. 
ROMEO: (breaks the silence) But a beautiful girl like you should not be crying (wipes her tears) 
JULIET: (pushes his hands away) We are not supposed to be alone together. We don’t want a guard to see us together and end up dead.
ROMEO: (smiles) I’d rather end my life quickly than live without you. 
JULIET: (smiles sheepishly) But we just met. 
ROMEO: Well, love makes me crazy (kisses her)
JULIET: (smiles shyly) You kiss by the electric chair. 
MAGDALENE calls everyone to get their pills. Once they head back to the lobby, everyone is running around screaming. SVEN is ordering his guards to take random patients to the east wing gas chambers and to gas them. 
SVEN: (sees JULIET and smiles menacingly) Gregory! Take that pretty woman over there and bring her to me. 
GREGORY runs over to JULIET and grabs her by the arm, dragging her away. ROMEO chases after her and is stopped by another one of SVEN’s guards. He looks after JULIET longingly and frightened as she screams for him to save her. 
ROMEO: (yells) Wait! Tell me your name!
GREGORY: (turns to Romeo) Her name is Juliet. But she’s a jew. I wouldn’t get too interested if I were you. Especially since the boss has his eyes on her. (looks up at Sven and then turns and walks away)

Scene III. West wing. Dominik’s office. 
Description: Dominik tells Romeo to keep away from the east wing. Especially Juliet because he saw them together. 
Props: desk, chairs, window.

Enter ROMEO looking around warily. He sits down in front of DOMINIK. 
DOMINIK: (clasps hands together and looks at ROMEO): You know that my young brother, Sven, now owns the east wing of the mental asylum, right?
ROMEO:(sits up)  What?! I thought it was yours. How come he has part of it? You know how much he longs for our blood on the walls. 
DOMINIK: I’m going to protect you all to the extent of my power. But I can not promise you anything. 
ROMEO: That’s frighteningly comforting. But he’ll kill us all. You know that. Why would you give him something he doesn’t deserve? Why would you put us in danger?
DOMINIK: Listen Romeo. My brother is a cold-hearted, reckless man. But he can not harm you if you all are under my care and protection.
ROMEO: But Dominik, what if he were to take matters into his own hands? What if he’s just as insane as the rest of us? What if he tries to kill you and take the asylum by force? What if-
DOMINIK: Silence. 
ROMEO falls silent. 
DOMINIK: That’s nonsense. My brother would not turn his back on me. But for safety of you and the others, you must not speak to anyone from the east wing. Understood? That would surely make matters worse.
ROMEO: (looks out of the window, distantly)
DOMINIK: Are you listening to me Romeo?
ROMEO: Juliet.
DOMINIK: What’s that? The pretty young lady in the east wing?
ROMEO: (a look of sadness crosses his face) east wing? 
DOMINIK: (nods) Yes. I don’t want you associating yourself with her. She’ll be nothing but trouble.
ROMEO’s lost look turns to that of an enraged look and he gets up. He kicks DOMINIK’s desk and screams with rage. DOMINIK calls two male nurses to take ROMEO back to his room. 

Scene 4. Asylum Lobby.

Description: Romeo begins having auditory hallucinations and Mercutio begins to notice Romeo’s madness.

Enter Romeo, tripping and looking disoriented. He suddenly jerks around looking for an unknown person.
DAKOTA: Romeo. Oh Romeo.
ROMEO: WHO’S THERE? (shaking with fright) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?
MERCUTIO: What plagues you my good friend? Who do you speak to?
ROMEO: He calls to me...he calls...
DAKOTA: (with slight tone of being offended) How rude. I guess no one knows how to use their manners anymore. I do have a name, Romeo.
ROMEO: HE CALLS YET AGAIN! (clutches hands to sides of his face).
DAKOTA: You can not get rid of me. I am Dakota.... I am here to tell you that your time runs, short. In this small must fight for her.
ROMEO: What do you mean? Fight for who? 
Dakota gives no answer and Romeo grows restless and panics. 
MERCUTIO: (grabs hold of Romeo’s shoulders and shakes him back and forth) ARE YOU MAD, ROMEO? ARE YOU?
ROMEO: called... I have to fight... Fight for her.. (calms down a bit and hugs himself while humming a tune)
NURSE: Come along now, Romeo. Come away. It’s time you take your medicine.
Nurse escorts Romeo away and Mercutio slowly lowers to his knees, absorbing the moment that just happened, cackling and mumbling to himself quietly.

End Scene


Scene I. East wing. Sven’s office. 

Description: Sven tries to get Juliet to marry him. He tells her to stay away from the west wing which includes Romeo. 
Props: desk, chairs.

Enter JULIET, looking around nervously, she stands by the door. Sven stands behind his desk, eyeing JULIET.
SVEN: (gestures to seat in front of his desk) Sit Juliet. 
JULIET: (sits down slowly) Why am I here? Where am I? Who are you?
SVEN: (smiles) Ah, Juliet. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Sven. Your new caretaker. (smirks)
JULIET: What happened to Axel? Is he on vacation.
SVEN: He died, remember?
JULIET: (sinks back in her seat) Oh. I-I didn’t know. 
SVEN: (sits back in his seat) Anyway, you’re now part of the east wing. So you will not be having any type of relationship with the dwellers in the west wing. 
JULIET: Why not?
SVEN: Because I said so. 
JULIET falls silent and looks out at the early morning sky. She taps her foot on the floor anxiously.
SVEN: (reaches over and runs his fingers through JULIET’s hair) You’re such a pretty girl. As beautiful as the moon on a starry night Your eyes are like two-
JULIET: (pulls away suddenly) Where am I?
SVEN: (hesitates) Uh, in my office?
JULIET: Who are you?
SVEN: I’m Sven. Your new caretaker. 
JULIET: Why am I here?
SVEN: I want you to be my wife. 
JULIET: (looks at SVEN, her expression blank) Why? I don’t even know you. For all I know, you could be a psycho.
SVEN: (grimaces) We can get to know each other. That scoundrel couldn’t do you any good. Romeo was his name?
JULIET: (perks up when Romeo is mentioned) So that was his name? Romeo? Where is my Romeo? Is he here? (turns around, searching for him frantically)
SVEN: Your Romeo? Ha! You didn’t even know his name. How could you claim him as your own?
JULIET: I don’t know yours either.  So what makes you so special? What’s your name again?
SVEN: I already told you my name.
JULIET: No, I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered if you did. Stop lying. Rude and a liar. You’re not shaping up to be a good man at all. 
SVEN: (looks at JULIET, enraged) Leave. 
JULIET: (gasps mockingly) Here you are, telling me that you want me to be your wife. And then you tell me to leave? What kind of husband would you make?
SVEN: (grins deviously) Well aren’t you a feisty little girl. I like that. 
JULIET: Pity. I don’t like you. Not at all. You’re a sour man, whatever your name is. 
SVEN: (smirks) I told you, it’s Sven. 
JULIET: What kind of name is that? (starts laughing uncontrollably) 
SVEN: (Irritated) With enough discipline, I think we’ll get along fine soon.
JULIET: Cute. Can I leave now? 
SVEN: (waves her away) You may go. 
JULIET gets up and leaves. 

Scene II. Outside Juliet’s room. 

Description: The doctor and nurse observe Juliet as she sleeps before the Doctor wakes her up to go see Romeo. 
Props: A room.

DOCTOR  and NURSE stand outside Juliet’s room. 
DOCTOR: I feel bad for the girl. 
NURSE: Oh she’s such a pretty thing. Seems like all the men want her. 
DOCTOR: Oh surely she can’t be that beautiful. 
NURSE: (shrugs) I say she’s as pure and sweet as Persephone. 
DOCTOR opens the door and finds JULIET sleeping on the ground. 
DOCTOR: (whispers) She is beautiful! I see why Romeo seeks to have her love. 
NURSE: But Sven wants her just as much.
DOCTOR: Hm.. I see. (looks at nurse) Well, you may leave. 
NURSE leaves. DOCTOR peeks into JULIET’s room once more
Walks into JULIET’s room and wakes her up. 
JULIET: (stirs) Romeo? Romeo have you come to rescue me?
DOCTOR: (rolls his eyes, irritated) No dear. It’s the doctor. Romeo wants to see you. 
JULIET: (sits up quickly) Then let us go to him! Why make him wait any longer?!

Nazi: (questioning) Doctor, where are you going? I have not heard from Sven about allowing Juliet out of her room.

Doctor: I have Sven’s granted approval.

Nazi: (pleased expression) Then you have the right of passage. You may be on your way.

Juliet: Let’s go find Romeo!

They walk down the corridor until they reach the basement door. 

Scene 3. East Wing basement.
Enter JULIET, looking for Romeo.
ROMEO: (whisper shouts) Juliet! I’m over here!
JULIET: (runs over to a corner to find ROMEO) Oh Romeo! At last! I get to see you again
The two embrace each other. 
ROMEO: Oh how I longed for this moment. To see your face again. You look just as lovely as before when I first met you. 
JULIET: (swoons) Romeo you’re too kind. You’re a gentleman of sorts. 
ROMEO: (grabs Juliet’s hands suddenly and looks at her in awe)  Won’t you love me forever? Won’t you be my wife once we escape from this horrid place?
JULIET: But of course my love. (smiles, in a dream-like state) I’ll love you forever. I am sworn to you. I will love no other man. You are my one and only love. 
ROMEO: (hugs her once again) Will we meet here every chance we get?
JULIET: Of course my love. The doctor is a kind man. He’ll make sure that our meetings are discreet. 
Footsteps come from up and the two look at each other frightened. They wait until the footsteps fade away. 
ROMEO: I think it’s time we depart. 
JULIET: (sighs) Yes, I believe so. When will we meet again?
ROMEO: (hugs Juliet) I’m not sure my dear. The doctor will inform you when the next time we see each other comes. 
JULIET: Goodbye for now my love. 
They embrace each other once more and with a kiss they go their separate ways. 


Scene 4. Juliet’s Room Interior

(Juliet reaches her assigned room and opens the closed door. In there, Sven sits on her bed.)

JULIET: (sarcastically) Oh well isn’t this just a pleasant surprise? Why am I always bumping into you? I don’t even know your name. Wait, (gasps mockingly) Have you- Have you been stalking me?

SVEN: (sternly)  I know what you have done.

JULIET: (confused) What are you talking about? I knew you were a psycho.

SVEN: (stands up) Don’t play coy with me. I heard about you and Romeo going to meet in the basement. Well, it seems that you refuse to take my kind offer. So i’ll have to take you by force. Juliet Engel, you will become my beloved wife for an eternity.

JULIET: (frightened) No! You cannot have me! I am Romeo’s wife to be! You’re crazy! 

SVEN: (serious) Oh? Is that so? Why you ungrateful child! You dare to defy me, after what I’ve done for you?! I know you’re a Jew! Do you not give me thanks? I will personally send you to be executed.

Juliet: You wouldn’t dare! You’re also a jew! They’ll have you executed as well!

Sven starts to walk toward Juliet with a mischievous smile on his face

Sven: Oh, but I can. And I will. I cannot be executed. Because no one will know i’m a jew. No one will know where I am. No one will know where you are either. Because you’re coming with me, wife! (laughs insanely)


Juliet: (Terrified) No!... No! Stay away from me! 

Juliet begins to try to escape out the door to the hallway, but Sven grabs her arm and starts to drag her on her feet toward the window.

Scene IV  

On the other side of the institution, on the West Wing side, Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio are discussing something trivial.

*entschuldigen sie means excuse me or pardon v.
MERCUTIO: Did you hear? Juliet’s going to be married to that awful, wicked man, Sven. They perfectly suit each other. They’re both crazed, both in love, and both on the East side. (laughs)

Romeo: Entschuldigen sie*, did my ears deceive me? My dear Juliet is being whisked away by the foul Sven. I must at once come to her aid. 

Romeo begins to dart off, but Benvolio stops him with a hand on Romeo’s shoulder.

BENVOLIO: Romeo, calm down. You must not go to the East side. There are inconceivable things lurking there.

ROMEO: I must! I cannot bear the tremendous pain of losing my newfound love. She’s the only one I live for. If I cannot have her, then I have lost reason to live!
And with that, Romeo dashes away down the hall leaving his friends in distress

Passes a unity sign with rushing music filling the audience’s ears

In front of Romeo stands a barricade of Nazi soldiers

TYBALT: Stop! You cannot pass! Turn back at once or else face execution for confronting the Nazi Party!

Romeo doesn’t slow down in the slightest and continues to bolt toward the ever closer Nazis.


The Nazis fire upon Romeo, who gets about a few feet before being shot in the right leg. Romeo falls to the ground as he runs, and wreaths in pain

Mercutio enters and lunges himself in front of Romeo before the following penetrating bullets hit him. Instead the bullets penetrate through Mercutio’s skin and he dies.

Enter Prince (Hitler)

PRINCE: (shouting) Stop this merciless firing! Weapons down! Don’t shoot the poor man.

TYBALT: But sir, this man is disturbing the peace.

PRINCE: This man is the friend of the honorable Dominik. How could you not have known? Do you want to be executed?

TYBALT: No sir! (pause) Men move out!

Tybalt and the other Nazis exit including Prince through the entrance to the asylum. Romeo is sprawled on the ground still in pain.

ROMEO: If I cannot reach Juliet in time, I am nothing but a hopeless man with no reason in life. 

Romeo half crawls, half stumbles toward the East Wing

DAKOTA: I told you to fight for her, you fool. Are you going to run away from the one person who was meant for you? Don’t give up. 

ROMEO: (bolts upright) You again? (stumbles, falling over and begins to cry)
All hope is lost. I feel like a mere woman. 
DAKOTA: Stop being weak and be a man. This is not the end. You still need to fight for her. But  a dark end is coming and you won’t like it. 
ROMEO: Won’t like what?

DAKOTA gives no answer and Romeo begins to pound his head in frustration and groans in pain
ROMEO: Dakota! Come back!
Romeo reaches Juliet’s room, but all he finds is an empty room and  an open window, the breeze is blowing the curtain on the window. Romeo hurries out the window and sights Sven with Juliet entering through yet another window of the West Wing

Scene V

Dominik is sitting behind a desk as Sven enters with Juliet through the left window. He goes behind Dominik’s desk and attempts to stab him.

DOMINIK: (grabs Sven’s wrist and pushes him back) What do you think you’re doing, you fool?

SVEN: (tries to push the knife closer to Dominik’s heart)  I’ve waited so long for this moment. I will be the end of you. Even if it’s the last thing I do. 

JULIET stands there helplessly, watching the scene unfold with a terrified expression. SVEN overpowers DOMINIK and slams him against the wall, shoving the knife into his heart
DOMINIK: (slowly falls to his knees) W-what have you done?!
SVEN: (steps back , a triumphant grin on his face) Now you understand! Now you see how I felt every time Axel favored you! Now you feel my pain!
DOMINIK: (covers his wound and looks at Sven) You know, father favored you the most. That’s why he was hard on you. He wanted to see you become more successful than me. But you were blind with your own greed Now, you have caused more pain than anyone I have ever known. 
SVEN watches as DOMINIK slowly passes away. His grin dissolves into that of horror as he falls to his knees beside his brother. 
SVEN: (clasps sides of his hand) Dominik! I’m sorry! Forgive me (begins to sob) 
SVEN hears shuffling of feet outside the window at the same time that he hears footsteps and men shouting in the hallway. He jumps up and runs to JULIET, preparing to escape with her as ROMEO jumps through the left window and TYBALT appears from the door. SVEN hides behind a box with JULIET. 

ROMEO: (looks at TYBALT) Tybalt! What have you done?! Have you done mad?!
TYBALT: (looks at ROMEO) What? What do you mean?!
As TYBALT inspects DOMINIK’S corpse, ROMEO grabs a sword off the wall and shoves it into TYBALT’s side. TYBALT falls over calling for his guards. JULIET takes the sudden chaos as an opportunity to run to ROMEO who hugs her close. SVEN tries to grab her but a nazi soldier sees him and shoots him. SVEN instantly falls over, dead. 
JULIET: Romeo!
ROMEO: Don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you!
The nazis shoot at ROMEO  and he falls to the ground. 
JULIET: (falls to her knees, clutching ROMEO’s hand) My love! Don’t leave me! Stay. I’ll find help! I’ll find the doctor!
ROMEO: (looks at JULIET and smiles sadly) It’s alright my dear. Until we meet again, my one and only true love. 
JULIET sobs and all is still for a moment until she suddenly leaps up and lunges at the nazi soldiers who shoot her. JULIET falls to the ground, weeping beside ROMEO as she dies besides him. 

JULIET  wakes up and gasps. 
JULIET: Thank goodness! It was all just a dream. 
SVEN turns over in bed to face JULIET. 
JULIET: (thinking it’s ROMEO and relieved) Rome- (realizes it’s Sven) Sven?!
JULIET looks at the camera in horror and the scene fades out. 


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