The Shrilling Voices of the Gold City

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
The voices call to the adventurer to come and save them.

Submitted: August 31, 2013

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Submitted: August 31, 2013



"Save us," a voice whispers around me, surrounding me with the sense of devastation.

Confused I look around frantically, but I find nothing out of the usual. The blue sky, the horizon of green hills, the sun shining down on me in the middle of the sky. 

"I think I've gone insane," I say aloud.

I continue walking across the vast mountains that are in my path.

"SAve us." 

"There it is again! That voice!" I exclaim angrily.

I believe I'm just hearing things, but I just ignore it and move on. Then it happened a third time, but this time it seemed to come from in front and below me. 

"SAVe us!" The voices sound.

I think to myself, "There cannot be anything past that cliff." 

I check past the cliff, I can't believe my eyes. A gold city stands below me as far as the eye could see. My eyes go wide with amazement. I think to myself, "Wow I could get anything with this. There is no way, in this reality, that this is even slightly real." But there it was, glistening in its own beauty against the sun, thousands of tons of gold awaiting to be obtained by humans. 

"It has to be cursed, no matter how you look at it," I say aloud to myself.

"There is no time! Save us! SAve us! SAVe us! SAVE us! SAVE Us! SAVE US! SAVE US!" the voices howl, the volume becoming louder and deafening until it's unbearable. 

I crunch down and cover my ears to no avail. The voices won't stop crying out their plea. I try to crunch up into a tighter ball, but I forgot that this was a cliff. Tumbling down the hill, I fall endlessly against stones, twigs, hard dirt, and thorns. It all painfully hurts. All the same. The pain continues to erupt throughout my whole body. Pain, glorious pain knocks me unconsious. My vision darkens, and I'm gone......

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