To Green

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem I wrote for Champion Green (or Blue, as some may know him) from the Pokemon series.
It's from my POV, and it goes through some of the feelings and experiences I've had over the years.
A rather seriously written poem for it to be about Pokemon, eh?

Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Submitted: March 18, 2012




I hated you.

Your face, your attitude,

Your "Smell ya later" when you left a room.

I wanted to slap that smug grin off of your face.


I hated you.

The way you always seemed to be

One step ahead of me.

The way you taunted and challenged me

whether I was ready or not.


I felt sorry for you.

I didn't mean to do

what I did to your Raticate.

I thought I wanted to see your pain,

but when I saw it

I changed my mind.


I felt sorry for you.

When you shook your head and challenged me

Like you'd done so many times before

We battled, I won

You stormed out angrily.

I said a prayer for your Raticate.


I didn't hate you anymore.

Those next few battles,

I saw it in your eyes.

You were fighting for him,

your departed friend.

You fought harder than ever

But still I emerged victorious.

Again you left without a word,

but I heard the silent cry.



I didn't hate you anymore.

I wanted our friendship back.

But you were Champion,

and I wanted to be.

You were on top of the world

for maybe 5 minutes.

I took even that from you.

You grandfather praised me,

the way he never had you

and the guilt ate away at my heart.


I missed you.

You left Kanto.

Seemingly for forever.

I thought I'd never see you again.


I missed you.

I left a year later.

I couldn't stand not seeing your face.

I went to Johto,

took the Gym Challenge.

Arrive at the last gym,

you're the leader.


You look great,

handsome, more mature

I suddenly wonder if I've changed at all.

You greet me with a thin smile,

congratulate me on getting this far.

We battle, it's tough

You've gotten a lot stronger.

But so have I.


You press the final badge into my hand.

I look into your eyes

See the sadness I caused so long ago.


It may not have been right,

Gym leaders are nigh sacred.

But I leaned forward and kissed you.

Gently, quickly

It seemed like the thing to do.

We stare at each other for a moment, then blush

and you ruffled my hair like you used to.


I never blamed you,

You told me

and tears sprang unbidden to my eyes.

I nodded a thanks

and spun on my heel.

As I left, I felt how I'd always felt

I loved you.

© Copyright 2020 Hyli. All rights reserved.

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