Amongst Us On Mount Olympus

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A tabloid reporter places himself inside the trunk of Jenna Jameson's car in order to get some pics of her,only to have himself transported to Mount Olympus and discover that she really is an Ancient Greek goddess known as Aphrodite.

Submitted: April 09, 2011

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Submitted: April 09, 2011



I had been following this beautiful blonde babe whose name happens to be Jenna Marie Massoli before she had changed it to Jenna Jameson and became one of the most successful porn stars on this very planet Earth.She had started acting in erotic videos in 1993 after having worked as a stripper and glamour model.

That was before she had done some mainstream stuff and quit the porn business all together.But there was something gnawing at my gut and it was telling me that there was another side of Jenna Jameson that the general public does not know about.Oh,before we get off the beaten path here,my name is--make that was--David Brolin.

And I had been the star reporter of this one supermarket tabloid entitled Star ever since I had graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College back in Berea,Ohio and moved myself out to the city of Los Angeles,California for some sun and a chance to make in the entertainment industry.

But after all of the big-time movie studioes such as Paramount,MGM and Columbia had slammed their doors into my face and told me to get lost,I had gone into the offices of Star with hopes of selling to those guys the autobiographical story of a loser who had tried to make it in Hollywood and failed.

Well,not only had they bought and published my story,the publishers of Star had given me a special bonus which happens to be a full-time job as one of their reporters which I had allowed myself to accept.Anyway,it was while she was inside a Borders bookstore and signing autogrpahs of her book entitled 'How To Make Love Like A Porn Star--A Cautionary Tale',I had walked myself over to the parking lot across the street and noticed that they had placed her car behind a dumpster.

And after I had looked at the front door of the Borders store and noticed that all of the paparazzi were standing outside and waiting to get a photo of Jenna as soon as she steps out of that store,I had let out a small smile and said,"That's right,you dumb jerks!Stay out there until your legs hurt!If I know certain celebs like Jenna correctly,she'll go out the back door and let some bitch distract you bums!When she gets to her car,I'll be the one taking the one pic of Jenna!"

But of course,it had also meant that I should find myself a place to hide in order to take that one photo.Fortunately for me,I had noticed that the trunk of Jenna's car has been unlocked which had made it easy for me to pop it open,place myself in there and wait for my unsuspecting photography subject to get there.

Oh,she had finally gotten there,alright.But just as I was about to take out my Sony a500 camera and start taking the pics,I had suddenly noticed that Jenna was walking towards the trunk which had made me think to myself,*Ah,dammit!I'm screwed!*But instead of opening the trunk all the way to find me inside,she had shoved down on it and made sure that it was closed shut.

And after I had heard Jenna get into the car and start it up,I had reached into my pocket and pulled out my little flashlight.Then,after I had turned it on and started looking for an inside handle or something for me to use to get myself out of that trunk,Jenna had hit the gas and started driving away from the scene.

And as soon as I had let out a sigh and mentally asked myself,*What else would happen next?*,I had suddenly felt the whole car lift itself off the ground and zoom itself up into the sky like it actually was a small rocket.I had felt it going higher and higher until it had felt like it had landed itself on some other road and stopped.

That was when I had finally found an inside handle and used it to pop the trunk back open just in time for me to catch a glimpse of Jenna standing outside her car and taking her clothes off.And when I had spotted her trademark tattoo which happens to be two hearts and the inscription 'Heart Breaker' on her right buttock,I was about to start taking a few pics with my camera.

But just as I was about to do that,I had noticed that she was puting on a pair of sandles and some dress that one might wear to an orgy in Ancient Rome before stepping into this huge domed structure.That was when I had finally gotten myself out of that trunk and taken a look around at where I was.

And let me tell you right now,I had never been so shocked in my entire life.I mean,I actually was standing on a floating island high above the entire state of California and no one back on the ground has not been able to notice.That was before I had heard some talking going on inside the same huge domed structure that I had seen Jenna going into.

And as soon as I had became curious enough to step inside and see what the talking was about,I had noticed that I had gone into a place that really was from right out of Ancient Greece.That was before I had carefully taken a peek into this large room and noticed this one old guy sitting on some glowing throne and saying,"Ah!Beautiful Aphrodite!Goddess Of Love,Beauty And Sexuality!I am so pleased to see you amongst us on Mount Olympus again,my darling daughter!"

That was when I had spotted Jenna kneeling before that old fart with a smile on her lips and saying,"I am pleased to be amongst you and all of my brothers and sisters once more,Mighty Zeus!One who is indeed King Of The Gods!"And of course,I had made the mistake of taking some pics of that whole scene with my camera.

You see,while I was doing that,the sounds coming from my camera had caught the ears of this one lady standing a few inches away from the throne of her father and made her pull out an arrow and shoot it with her bow straight towards me.Luckily,I was still able to duck out of the way of that arrow.

But that was before Zeus had gotten up from his throne,looked at my attacker and said in a nasty voice,"Artemis!Goddess Of The Hunt!What is the meaning of such a disruption within my devine presence?!"And after she had placed herself in the middle of the room and pointed to where I was standing,the one woman known as Artemis had said,"Forgive me,Father!It is that I had heard the sounds of a most unworthy one spying!"

And as soon as I had noticed that there was no possible way for me to get myself out of that mess,I had stepped out of the shadows,cleared my throat and said,"Hi,my name is David Brolin!Look,I really did not mean to cause you guys any problems!It's just that I happen to be a reporter for...!"

"We already know who and what you are,Mister Brolin!",that was what the father of all of the Ancient Greek gods had said to me before he had pointed to my camera and allowed Artemis to take it from me."And yet,I hereby regret to say that you shall never be allowed to leave Mount Olympus ever again!I am sorry!"

Well,even though I had longed to go back to my life on Earth,there really was one good thing about being stuck up here on Mount Olympus.They had let me stay in my own room.But I was not going to be lonely for long because Aphrodite had walked in and said,"I really am sorry to get you into such a mess,David."

"No.You don't have to apologize.I should--instead--apologize to you.You see,I was suppossed to get a paprazzi pic of you for this tabloid that I was working for and...!",that was what I had said to Aphrodite before she had moved herself closer,placed her gentle hands on my cheeks and kissed me so deep on the lips.

And even though I had found it to be nice,I had looked at Aphrodite with confusion in my eyes and asked,"Why did you do that?I mean,wouldn't your husband be jealous?",only to have her let out a laugh and ask,"Hephaestus?That's a laugh!Trust me,David.You don't have to worry about that big lug.Even though he does have both me and Aglaea as his consorts,he is way too busy with his duties as the blacksmith of the gods to give a shit!"

And after she had laid ourselves down on the bed,Aphrodite had allowed me to have some hot and steamy sex with her.Now,I know that I should include the details of our little sexual romp into this story.But I had decided to not do that because I still have no choice but to stay on Mount Olympus as ordered by Zeus himself.

But even though I would still be happier back on Earth,I had found something that is making me a whole lot happier right here on Mount Olympus.Her name is Joanna and she is the daughter of David Brolin--a mortal--and Aphrodite,the Ancient Greek Goddess Of Love.


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