At My Parents' House(for hoplessromantic's My Poem Contest)

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After she accidentally get herself sprayed with water in her mother's kitchen,a woman goes upstairs and spots her husband in the master bedroom with another woman...her cousin.

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



It was after my husband Paul and I had arrived at my parents' house

To celebrate the Christmas holiday in spite of eating a grouse

Instead of a turkey at the table

That I had noticed that someone else was able

To arrive and she first...a total louse.


She happens to be my cousin Brittany

Who had decided to fly all the way from Miami

To celebrate Christmas with the rest

Of us in spite of the fact that she was thought to be a pest

By some of the other members of the family.


Anyway,everyone was happy to see each other

And helped Mom cook up some of her

Favorite holiday dishes,only to have myself get

Accidentally sprayed with water by my kid sister Bridget,

Who had allowed me to wear her

Robe while Mom washes my soaking wet

Clothes and they others help get

That little mess in the kitchen cleaned up.


But after I had walked up

The stairs and into my room,I was able to get

Out of my wet clothes and into Bridget's robe before

I had peeked into Mom and Dad's room for

A little bit and spotted Paul giving a big hug

To Brittany which made me get mad at the lug

Because I've thought that an affair was growing at the core

Of that house and under the noses of my mom and dad.


But that was before she had turned around with sad

Eyes,given me a big hug and apologized for giving me

Nothing but grief throughout the years because she began to see

What had happened to folks who turned out to be bad

When she witnessed her best friend get shot by this deranged

Nut that she had made the mistake of getting engaged

To and break it off the very next day.


She had also wished me a Merry Christmas in the nicest way

And that she would be able to get engaged

To a nice guy just like the one I'm still married to.


That was before Paul asked,"So,what do

You ladies want to do now?",which Brittany and I

Had answered,"Eat,drink and be merry!Why?"


Merry Christmas to my family and friends the whole year through.

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