Cordelia's Dream(for angellynn's Picture Prompt Contest)

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While she tries to figure out how to help Angel overcome his personal demons,Cordelia falls asleep and wakes up in a time before Darla turns him into a vampire.

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



It was on a warm Summer night that a beautiful maiden

Named Cordelia Chase was sitting all alone in

The offices of Angel Investigations and began to wonder

How would she be able to help her

Newfound best friend get out of the hell that he was in.


She had nearly allowed herself to call Buffy Summers

For some help,only to have her

Realize that they had a rivalry going on while they

Were students in their high school days

And calling Buffy would be a bad idea for her.


That was before she had let out a yawn,placed her

Head on the desk and fallen into peaceful slumber,

Only to have someone place a gentle hand

On her cheek which had felt so grand

Enough to awaken Cordelia from her

Little nap and discover that she had somehow been

Placed in a time back when

Angel was only a human being known as Liam and

Had not been tricked into joining the vampire band

By the fangs of Darla and her horde of sin.


And while she was examining the gown that she

Was wearing,Cordelia had realized that Angel had to be

The one who had woken her

From that one moment of peaceful slumber

Before she had turned around and saw with wonderous glee

That  Angel was standing in front of her

And being more handsome than ever.


But just as she was about to place

Her hand on his face

And plant a kiss of true romantic pleasure

On his lips,Angel had grabbed Cordelia by the wrist,spun

Her around and began blowing his warm as a new day sun

Breath on the nape of her neck with his hands on

Her dress just before Darla had barged in on

Them with a sinister smile that would ruin any type of fun.


"What are you waiting for,Angelus?",that was what Darla had

Asked Angel,who had also became devilishly glad

Before puting his hand on Cordelia's forehead

And transforming into the creature of nightly dread.


And when Cordelia hads seen his face,she had became more than sad.


As a matter of fact,

She had discovered that Angel had already came into contact

With Darla and her deadly vampirish disease

And was about to release

His razor sharp fangs on her flesh upon contact

Which had caused Cordelia to look at Angel with pure fright

In her eyes and try to lure him out of the darkness and towards the light.


But she was interupted by the two bloodsuckers

Who had ripped open her

Flesh and drank every last drop of blood on that night,

Only to have someone place a gentle hand on her cheek

Which had made her wake up from that dream and shriek

To the top of her lungs before someone had put his hands

On her shoulders and

Said,"Cordelia,It's okay!I've only been gone for a week!"


And when she had noticed that a more human looking

Angel was sitting

Right in front of her,a relieved Cordelia had

Wrapped her arms around Angel,let tears run out of her sad

Eyes and apologized for what Darla had been forcing

Him to become those years before.


"That was Angelus back then.Now,I'm Angel and have a chore

Of protecting innocent human beings

To do.",That was what Angel had said before sitting

At his desk and hope that ot would not be like Nineteen Ninety Four.

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