For A Better Look At That New Planet(for Rhensis' Music Prompt Contest)

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A starship filled with deep space explorers decides to take a closer look at a newly discovered planet,only to have a bolt of lightning force the ship to make an emergency landing on that planet.

Submitted: April 16, 2011

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Submitted: April 16, 2011



It was from within the darkest reaches of deep space that a starship filled with a small group of brave explorers had zoomed itself into a new solar system that the scientists back home had discovered which had many planets.But there was one planet that they had became totally interested in.It happens to be the one that was blue just like their homeworld.

And it was because of that particular discovery that the ship's entire crew had decided to zoom themselves closer for a better look at that new planet.But as soon as they had entered the ship into the planet's atmosphere and made the mistake of flying into a strong storm cloud,a bolt of powerful electrical discharge had just hit the vessel's port engines and forced the entire crew to make an emergency landing on the very first clearing of land that they were able to get their eyes on.

And after they were able to land the ship and the storm has finally stopped,some of the crew had stepped out the ship and noticed that it really was in need of repairs which had made the mission commander turn towards his fellow crew members and say,"Okay!Since we have no choice but to be stuck here until the repairs are done on the ship,we might as well make the most of our time here and start exploring this planet!Oh,there is one more thing!I strongly suggest that we do not look nor act like we come from out of this world!As a matter of fact,it is a direct order!Understood?"

And of course,the entire crew had to say 'yes' to their commanding officer before they had been assigned their scanning positions and ordered to stay close to the ship.But there was this one young and beautiful female member of the ship's crew who was having some difficulty in keeping her curiousity in check.And as soon as she had noticed that there were rows upon rows of strange shaped houses next to the spot where she was scanning,her blue eyes had grown wide and a smile had appeared on her own lips which had made her drop both her scanner and communicator down on the ground and head straight for one of those houses.

Then,after she had entered that house through an open window,the female crew member had gone into what was suppossed to be the bedroom,opened some containers and discovered that one of those containers has some skimpy yet wonderfully colored garments in it.And after she had removed her uniform and tried one of those garments on,she had looked at her reflection in a strange glass like substance and let out a smile because she was enjoying what she was seeing.

That was before she had heard a strange sound which had made her look outside through a window and notice that there were some other beings who had looked just like her spalshing around within an outside container of clear liquid and enjoying themselves.And of course,that particular scene had made the beautiful offworlder become curious enough to step out of the house and walk herself over to that one small group.

And when she had placed herself in front of that one group of strange humanoid beings and cleared her throat,the offworlder had twirled her dark hair and said,"I really am sorry to interupt.It's just that you were having so much fun splashing around in that...!"But just as she was about to say another world,one of the young and handsome male humanoids had climbed out of the clear liquid,let out a smile and said,"Let me guess.You're new to the neighborhood and wanted to join the fun,right?"

That had made the wayward explorer nod her head in response just before the blonde humanoid male had placed his hands on her shoulders and asked,"Well then,what are waiting for?Come on in!The water's fine!"And after she had gone into the 'water' and realized that the humanoid was right about it,a young blonde humanoid beauty had swam herself over to her group's newfound guest and said with a smile on her face,"Hi,my name is April Spelling!I see that you have met my brother Rick!May we ask what your name is?"

That had made the explorer from deep space look at an object known as a calendar and say,"Friday!Yes,my name is Friday!"And after one of the other male humanoids had said,"Whoa,Dudes!Her name is like right out of Robinson Crusoe!",a concerned April had looked at her newfound friend and said,"Maybe that's your last name!What's your first name?",which had forced the offworlder to roll her eyes and say,"Just...just...!"

"Justine?Is that your full name?Justine Friday?",that was what a smiling April had asked the starship deserter before 'Justine' had let out a smile of her own and said,"Yes,that's right!My name is Justine Friday!"That was before April's brother Rick had placed his gentle hands on Justine's cheeks and said,"Well,Miss Justine Friday!Since that's the case,allow me to be the first to welcome you to the neighborhood!"

And after he had planted one hell of a deep kiss on her lips,both Rick and Justine had stared into each other's eyes for about a minute or two before April and her friends had climbed out of what she had later found out to be a swimming pool and yelled,"COLD SHOWER!!",before pouring buckets of water right on top of the two newfound lovebirds.

Meanwhile,back at the ship,one of the other members of the crew had returned and said to the commander,"Sir,I had found these at one of the scanning positions!"And as soon as he had noticed that the one crew member now known as 'Justine Friday' had deserted her post and left her scanner and communicator behind,the furious commander had let out a sigh and said,"Well!If she wishes to stay here,then so be it!GOODBYE,TRAITOR!PLEASE DO ENJOY YOUR PERMANENT STAY...RIGHT HERE ON PLANET EARTH!"

And to tell you the truth,it really is quite ironic that he should say that because after the rest of the crew had stepped back inside their newly repaired starship and blasted themselves back into the darkest reaches of deep space,Justine had heard the ship zooming away,looked up into the sky and let out a smile because she had found herself a new home which really does happen to be a planet known as Earth.


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