My Girl Is Going Out With Another Guy

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A guy and his best friend go inside a discotheque and sees his girlfriend kissing another guy.

Submitted: September 14, 2015

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Submitted: September 14, 2015



As soon as Mark Fisher and his best friend Sharon Douglas had stepped into the local discotheque and noticed that some of their friends were there dancing the night away and having a wonderful time, the two best friends looked and smiled at each other before they decided to join the rest of the crowd on the dance floor.

But as soon as they had done that, both Mark and Sharon saw his girlfriend Loni Reynolds kissing a guy whose name happens to be David Aniston on the lips while dancing to ABBA singing the song entitled 'Dancing Queen' which made Mark look at Sharon and ask, "What is going on here? Why is she going out with that prick? She is supposed to be my girl!"

"I do not know, Mark. But I am sure that we'll get to the bottom of this.", answered Sharon before she spotted Loni moving away from David and running into the restroom which made Sharon follow her in and see Loni sitting on a toilet and crying her eyes out before Sharon asked, "Are you okay, Loni?"

That made Loni look up at Sharon with tears leaking out of her eyes and say, "I know that I am supposed to be going steady with Mark. It is just that I have not seen David in such a long time that I sometimes tend to forget.", before Sharon looked and smiled at Loni and asked, "David is a lover from your old neighborhood?"

And after Loni nodded her head and said, "Believe me, Sharon. Whenever David and I hug each other, it felt like we really are in heaven.", Sharon looked at her watch and said, "Hate to tell you this, Loni. But we need to stop Hell on Earth... and I mean now!"

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