Right Into The Vortex Of Time(for PrinceEdward's Booksie Weekly Writing Contest 2012)

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A lab worker mistakes a time machine for a giant TV set and gets sucked into the time of the Kent State shootings.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



I thought I saw a giant flat screen television set when I walked into the lab on this one Wednesday afternoon.

And after I had looked around and noticed that nobody else was there and there was nothing for me to clean in that place, I figured that since it was still pouring down rain outside, I might just sit down and watch some sports on ESPN.

But as soon as I had pressed the power button on what I thought was a giant remote control unit, this strange vortex showed up on the screen.

And when I say that it was strange, I mean that it looked like it came out of the classic Sixties sci-fi show.

In other words, I know that what I'm about to say might sound totally weird to you.

But I'm telling you right now and with God as my witness that I really was staring directly at our own real-life version of 'The Time Tunnel'.

Of course, I was about to make a call to one of the security guards and have them bring one of the scientists who were working on it to come back to the lab and give me some straight answers on that thing.

But just I was about to reach for the phone, a sudden bolt of lightning from that storm had struck the power grid and caused the vortex to start sucking everything including me right into it.

Of course, I was able to grab a firm hold of the control unit since it was bolted to the floor.

But no matter how hard I had tried to hold on, my hands had slipped off that unit and forced me to get sucked right into that time tunnel.

And while I was falling backwards into time and through the same image of a face of a clock running backwards over and over, the only thing that I had no choice but to do was scream my lungs out.

I guess that I had screamed so much that I was out like a light.

But as soon as I opened my eyes, I got back up and discovered that I had been placed on the campus of Kent State University but got no idea on what year.

That was before this fourteen-year-old girl had walked up, looked at me with concerned eyes and asked, "Are you okay, Mister? You seem to be lost."

"You could say that. Would you please tell me what year this is?", I asked the girl just before this guy had walked over and said, "Here you are, Mary Ann. We better get a move on. The other students are waiting for us on the Commons."

That was when it came to me.

I had arrived at Kent State University on Monday, May 4th, 1970.

The time and place of the Kent State shootings.

I had also realized that the girl that I was talking to really was a fourteen-year-old runaway whose name happens to be Mary Ann Vecchio and that at exactly 12:24 pm, those poor kids were soon going to get themselves shot dead by the Ohio Army National Guard and their M1 Garand rifles.

Of course, that meant that I had to get my butt over to that demonstration and do something to put a stop to it.

Well, I was able to get over to that protest in time to wave my arms and yell at the top of my lungs, "WAIT! DON'T SHOOT! THEY ARE JUST KIDS! THEY DON'T MEAN ANY HARM!"

But that was before something happened to cause the whole thing to go from bad to worse all over again.

I still don't whether it was one of the troopers who started it or not.

All I know at that moment is that a frightened Mary Ann Vecchio was in the line of fire.

That was when I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to a place of complete safety.

But while we were waiting for the massacure to stop, that poor mixed-up kid had wanted to go back out there and find her two friends Sandra Scheuer and Alan Canfora.

That made me grab a firm hold of her arm and told her that it was way too dangerous to go back out there yet.

And when the shootings had finally stopped, both Mary Ann and I came out of our hiding place and discovered that those troopers had killed four and wounded nine of those poor unarmed kids.

That was Mary Ann had kneeled in anguish over the dead body of Jeffery Miller who was one of the four kids who were shot by the very same soldiers who were

suppossed to serve and protect this great country of ours.

And let me tell you right now that I was feeling so bad for poor Mary Ann that I forgot that a photojournalism student named John Filo had taken the one picture that would one day earn him the Pulitzer Prize.

I guess that Lady Luck was also with me on that day because as soon as poor Mary Ann had let go of my arm, that same force that had pulled me right into that vortex of time had pulled me right back to the present and forced me to explain myself to the whole group of scientists and military personnel who were staring at me with angry eyes.

Well, Gentlemen.

That's all that I have to say for myself.

Actually, there is one more thing.

If you really are thinking on using that time gizmo for only scientific research, please try to remember that time itself is a fragile thing and should be handled with gentle care because you really do not want to know what the result would be if it's not.

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