Rise,Demon!Rise--And Slay!(for greasergirl99's Poetry Contest)

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A newlywed couple gets attacked by a scruffy old man,who takes the bride into the swamp as a gift for his demonic master.

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



It was while Jeff Engvall and his new bride

Bonnie Jo Sutton enjoy their little ride

To the hotel that a scruffy old

Man had looked with eyes so cold

At the beautiful maiden with sinster pride.


And as soon as they had gotten

Out of the cab and gazed upon the unforgotten

Scenery for a little bit,both Bonnie Jo and

Jeff were about to let their lips land

On each other and enjoy their love ten

Times over,only to have that

Scruffy old man pounce like a cat

And knocked Jeff out cold.


And when he had came to and noticed that the old

Nutcase had kidnapped his beloved maiden,

A police officer had told Jeff that the name

Of the nutcase was Elroy Scruggs,who had came

Back to town for a mortal bride for his master

Which had caused Jeff to go rescue her

From Elroy and the beast of many names.


After he had entered the swamp and made his way to

A clearing,Jeff had noticed Elroy pouring water into

A bubbling cauldron and said some words of witchcraft

While a frightened Bonnie Jo was tied down to a raft

And had became way too scared to

Escape for her life when a demon had climbed out

Of the cauldron and Elroy had let himself shout

These words,"RISE,DEMON!!RISE--AND SLAY!!"

But when Jeff has freed Bonnie Jo and they had gotten away,

The demon had made Elroy his newest hunger bout.

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