Still The Most Beautiful Woman To Me(for AshleyRose's Emoting Emotions Poetry Challenge)

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The author of this poem describes what happens when he happens to see his old college sweetheart operating a ball toss game at a county fair.

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



At first, I've never thought that I could never be

Able to find a woman as beautiful as Melody McGee.


That was before the one night at the county fair

Which was when I saw a maiden sitting in a chair

And handing out prizes with such glee

To anyone who was able to toss a ball

Into a cup that was not too small.


And when I've walked up and introduced myself,

She had looked at me like I was a cute little elf

And said, "Nice to see you again, John Bronsall."


That was when I've noticed that she

Really was my old college sweetheart Melody McGee.


She had been operating that ball toss game

For her uncle in spite of the fact that it was lame.


"Is there someplace where we could go to be

Alone?", that was the question that I've asked Melody

Before she had asked her kid sister Candy

To take over the ball toss game for a little bit and

Gone with me on a little walk that was so grand.


And after we had gotten ourselves some cotton candy

And stared at the stream of beautiful lights,

We've smiled and hugged each other so tight

Before we've kissed each other on the lips

And I've playfully placed some cotton candy on the tip

Of her nose which was such a funny sight.


Then, after we've shared a small giggle between

Us and witnessed the coolest fireworks show ever seen

On this or any other planet Earth,

Melody had told me that for all it was worth,

It really was great to see me again on a night so keen

And asked me to go with her to an apartment that

She happens to be sharing with another girl named Kat

And talk about the great times that we once had together.


And after much thought, I've looked right into her

Eyes and asked, "Where is your place at?"


And after a few more dates, I've got down on my knee,

Give Melody a ring and asked her to marry me.


And now, I really do have my partner for life

Because she is now my beloved wife

And still the most beautiful woman to me.

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