The Aliens In That Glowing UFO(for teggie's Imagination Competition)

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A woman tells the story of what happened to a frat house brother at a rave party back when she was that frat brother.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



I guess it was around Seven or Eight when I woke up and felt that there was something different about myself.

That was when I slowly got myself out of bed and placed my hands on my head because of the hangover that I had at the time before I went into the bathroom.

I guess that is what happens when you gulp down a full keg of beer at a rave party that was being thrown by your frat house buddies.

Or so I thought because when I turned on the bathroom light and looked in the mirror, I really was shocked straight to hell when I saw a different face staring back at me.

And not only that, she was also wearing the same hot pink bikini that I wore while I was kidding around at the rave the other night.

That was when I looked at my own body and discovered that the babe in the mirror is really me.

And I was about to scream my lungs out until I realized that it might bring everybody including my frat brothers over and give me no choice but to try to answer a whole bunch of questions that I really do not have the answers to.

But since they are not here right now, I guess I better go ahead and get it off my chest.

You see, it was after I took the first few swallows of that beer in the keg that I had put on the same hot pink bikini that I saw in the mirror.

I know this because one of my frat buddies had a camcorder with him and shot some video of me in that bikini while I was still a guy.

Anyway, while I was dancing around in that bikini and making a total idiot of myself, this bright light came from out of nowhere and parked itself over the ocean.

And while everyone else looked with stunned amazement at a humanoid being that came out of the light and walked towards the beach, I was so drunk that I picked up an empty beer bottle and said, "Get out of here, you stinking pig! This is a private party! No cops allowed!"

But thankfully for the alien being, the other party-goers had tackled me to the ground before I gave myself the chance to throw that bottle.

That was before we looked at where that light was and noticed that both it and the humanoid were gone just before I said, "It's about time they've got the message!", and went out like a light.

I guess that the others had carried me into the beach house that we had rented for the rave and plopped me down on the bed before calling it a night themselves.

Then suddenly, I began having these strange dreams.

I mean as in really weird ones in which that light came back and lifted me out of the beach house and right straight into it.

Once I was inside that light, I had been placed on some strange medical examination table with a small group of humanoid beings doing these tests on me.

I guess that when they saw that I still had that pink bikini on and figured that I was suppossed to be a babe instead of a dude, they hooked some wires and tubes on me before they turned this weird device on.

And let me tell you right now that it really hurt like hell.

I mean, I never screamed so much in my whole freaking life.

Anyway, when I saw that I had somehow been turned into a woman and figured that my frat house buddies would never believe me when I tell them who I really am, I figured that my best bet would be to get out of there before they wake up and just disappear until I got the whole thing figured out.

But that was before one of those guys came into the room, saw me standing in front of the mirror and asked for my name which made me open my big mouth and let the name 'Nikki' slip out.

And when they saw not one single sign of my original male self anywhere and figured that the aliens in that glowing UFO had exchanged him for me while we were all still sleeping, my own buddies agreed to let me stay with them in the frat house until I get on my own two feet.

Well, all I could honestly say is that the bad thing about being a woman is that I would no longer be allowed to enjoy going to football games, eating barbecued ribs and other stuff like that.

But on the other hand, I think I would enjoy being 'Nikki'.

I mean, she really does look like she could have a wonderful relationship with the first guy she sees.

Speaking of which, what are you going to be doing tonight?

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