The Long Dark Road Of Sin(for Star reader's contest)

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A beautiful young maiden stares out of her bedroom window one afternoon and waits for her one true love to come home from rehab.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



It was on a warm and sunny July afternoon that

A young beautiful maiden whose friends happen to name 'Kat'

Had been staring outside her bedroom window in order to see

If her best friend since Kindergarten who she calls 'Dee'

Would finally come home from rehab and not have that

Piece of shit named Ramone get him hooked on any

Of that garbage known on the streets as 'Happy Danny'.

'Happy Danny' is this new type of cocaine that would

Make those who take it do things that really could

Be dangerous to anyone from himself up to his Uncle Manny

Which was why Dee had to be placed in rehab

To make sure that he would never take a stab

At those around him including Kat,who still loves Dee

So much that she would go right over and see

How he was doing and coping with being in rehab.

You see,the secret to love that lasts is that

You could allow yourself to be just like sweet Kat

And keep on loving your Dee no matter what happens

To make him go down the long dark road of sin.

But as soon as it had became dark out,Kat

Had suddenly realized that something bad had happened to her

Beloved Dee which had forced Kat to get into her

Car and speed straight over to the rehab,only to

See that there was nothing there for her to do

Because Dee had died instead of looking at his mother

And father straight in the face and tell them that

He was sorry for letting down both them and Kat.

And on the day after that,just as they were

About to bury Dee into the land of going nowhere,

A car had pulled up and the anger inside Kat

To boil over because Ramone had dared to show his

Face at Dee's funeral with a huge smile on his

Lips and a large bouquet of roses in his arms,look

At the casket and say,"So long,Bro.You shook

Up my life by helping me out so much.This

Is for you,Bro.Peace.",only to make Kat take

The roses off Dee's casket and start to slash,rake

And bash that bouquet all over that asshole's face while

Calling him names that were so nasty and utterly vile.

That was before her parents had allowed themselves to take

Their poor distraught daughter home and let the police handle

Ramone by doing something that requires more than a paddle

And being sent to bed without any supper at all.

But that was before Kat's father had gotten a call

From a police detective named Fix who happens to handle

All sorts of cases that are related to drugs and

Had told her dad to go and form a band

To play the funeral march for Ramone,who had gotten

Himself gunned down by others by the factor of ten

Which had made Kat smile and say,"Isn't that grand!"

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